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German Riding Pony, Gelding, 9 years, 15.1 hh, Palomino
Jumping - Eventing
price range €15,000 to €25,000
price range ~$16,103 to $26,839
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Gypsy Horse, Gelding, 14 years Spade 13 yr. old 14.1hh Gypsy Vanner Black and white GeldingTrail - Cowhorse - Western - Leisure
Grand Saline, TX
bid on auction
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Mule, Mare, 7 years Addie 7 year old 14.2hh Blood Bay Molly MuleTrail - Gaited - Leisure
Hastings, MN
bid on auction
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Mule, Mare, 11 years, 15.1 hh, Palomino 10 yr. old 15.1hh Mule Palomino Molly MuleTrail - Gaited - Western - Leisure
Cannon Falls, MN
bid on auction
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Fjord Horses, Gelding, 5 years, 13.2 hh Leisure
~ $5,905
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More ponies/small horses, Gelding, 5 years, 15.1 hh Leisure
~ $6,334 Negotiable
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Gypsy Horse, Gelding, 5 years Panda 5 yrs old 15.1hh Gypsy Black & White GeldingTrail - Western - Leisure - Driving
Fredericksburg, OH
bid on auction
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More ponies/small horses, Gelding, 9 years, Sorrel Oscar 9 year old 13.1hh Sorrel Pony GeldingTrail - Versatility Ranch Horse - Western - Leisure
Watson, OK
bid on auction
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Mule, Mare, 13 years, 15 hh, Bay Ranch Trail Driving Molly MuleTrail - Western - Driving
Laporte, CO
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Other Breeds, Mare, 4 years, 16 hh, Bay Holsteiner Warmblood Cross Trail Jumping Ranch MareTrail - English Pleasure - Western - Jumping
Fort Collins, CO
Price on request
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Mule, Gelding, 8 years, 14.3 hh, White Trail Driving Hunting John MuleTrail - Hunting - Driving
Scottsville, KY
Price on request
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Mule, Gelding, 5 years, 15.1 hh, Black Flashy Gaited Trail Lesson Molly MuleGaited - Trail - Show - Western
Crab Orchard, KY
Price on request
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Pony of the Americas, Mare, 14 years, 11.2 hh, Sorrel RODEO BARREL PONY BETH DUTTON KID SAFEWestern Pleasure - Trail - Western
Classic Horse Auction
Cookeville, TN
price range €5,000 to €10,000
price range ~$5,368 to $10,736
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Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Mare, 9 years, 14 hh, Bay GRACELeisure - Trail - Western Pleasure - Gaited
Classic Horse Auction
Whitley City, KY
price range €5,000 to €10,000
price range ~$5,368 to $10,736
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Gypsy Horse Mix, Mare, 6 years, 14.1 hh, Roan-Blue Blue Bell 6 yrs 14.1hh Gypsy/Paint Cross Blue Roan Tobiano MareVersatility Ranch Horse - Trail - Cowhorse - Western
Terrell, TX
bid on auction
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Gypsy Horse, Stallion, 5 years, 14.1 hh, Black Trixter 5 yr. old 14.1hh Gypsy Vanner Black StallionTrail - Versatility Ranch Horse - Western - Leisure
Rebersburg, PA
bid on auction
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Gypsy Horse Mix, Gelding, 8 years, 14.3 hh, Bay Brisket 8 yr. old 14.3hh Gypsy X Quarter Horse Bay GeldingTrail - Versatility Ranch Horse - Western - Leisure
Thedford, NE
bid on auction
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Mule, Gelding, 15 years, 14.2 hh, Bay Bay Trail John MuleTrail
Lancaster, KY
Price on request
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Ponies for sale on ehorses

It's not surprising that the saying “pony in the barn” means something to get excited about. After all, who wouldn’t be excited about a new Pony? Many children dream that someday someone will buy a pony for them. Ponies aren’t just for children, though. The great characters may not be as tall as a horse, but many of them are capable of carrying an adult rider. Welcoming a pony into the family is a big responsibility but it’s also guaranteed to bring everyone lots of pleasure and fun for years to come. Knowing the vendors who sell ponies can be very helpful in making the right choice.

Features and character of Ponies

The world’s tiniest ponies can be as small as 32 inches in height at the withers (8 hands/81 cm). The maximum height for any pony is 14.2 hands high (58 inches/147 cm). When taller than that, they are considered a horse. Many people believe that ponies are not only smaller but that they also have different characters than horses. This may partly be due to the way they are bred, as many of them still live in their traditional environments which are often challenging to them. This means that ponies need to adapt and use their wits to survive and thrive. Horses, on the other hand, are the outcome of selective breeding over centuries and have been intensively kept and stabled, rather than living naturally. People talk about horse sense, but there’s an even better case to be made for pony sense!

There are literally hundreds of pony breeds across the globe, so ponies come in all shapes and sizes. The ponies of the Shetland Islands are small, sturdy and very appealing, with masses of flowing mane and tail. They are size-for-size some of the strongest ponies too. At the taller end of the scale, the Highland Pony, Dales Pony and Welsh Section C Ponies are strong and versatile, often used for pony trekking and also in harness. Some ponies, especially those that are bred for showing, are slender and fine. They can look almost like little Thoroughbred Horses. Others are sturdy and broad. Speed and jumping skills are not confined to any type or breed. A robust Cob-type pony can often perform just as well as a lighter more horse-like pony in the jumping arena or across country. Ponies are individuals, even when they are members of a breed, and they each have their own unique temperament and abilities.

For showing, ponies will be expected to have a certain look and also good conformation for riding. This is usually a small, neat head on a well-shaped and well-set neck, a good length of shoulder, and fine legs that nonetheless have strong bone. The shoulders should be lengthy and not too upright, and the pasterns should have a good slope but not be over-long. For driving ponies, the shoulders and pasterns can be more upright. Whatever the intended use of the pony, conformation faults such as sickle or bent hocks should be avoided.

Good jumping ponies, whether for show jumping, cross country or eventing, come in many shapes and sizes. Their ability is not necessarily reflected in their looks! However, good jumpers will certainly have acquired a reputation and gained plenty of rosettes and cups. This will be reflected in their advertisements when they are for sale.

When buying a first pony for a young rider, temperament is undoubtedly the most important consideration. Many modern pony breeds have been selectively bred for good temperament for this reason. Today there are many more options for ponies to take part in competitive and non-competitive activities. Ponies participate in everything from horse agility to visiting care homes, taking part in heritage events, and enjoying themselves at pony parties.

Ponies - these breeds belong to them

With so many options available there’s a pony for every home, from highly competitive equestrian families to folks who simply want a much-loved family pony. The smallest horses in the world are the Falabella Horses, technically known as small horses rather than ponies, as are the pony-sized Icelandic Horses, Mongolian Ponies, and under-sized Arabians. Welsh Section A and Welsh Section B ponies are some of the most popular ponies for young riders and have been influential on many other pony breeds such as the Australian Pony and the American Welara. Shetland Ponies are some of the greatest characters around, and they too have contributed to other breeds such as the American Shetland and the Pony of the Americas. Taller, stronger ponies such as theDales Pony, Fell Pony and Highland Pony make good mounts for adult riders and are widely used in pony trekking and horseback riding for the Disabled. Many pony breeds still live semi-feral lives, such as the British New Forest, Exmoor Pony and Dartmoor Pony.