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General terms and conditions


The conditions should help, so that ehroses will be a safe place for buyer and seller.


If you have any questions about these Terms of Use to which you can not find an answer on our web site, please feel free to send an e-mail to We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time and without the mentioning of specific causes. The modified conditions will be sent to you by e-mail two weeks before the date of entry into force. If you have not objected within two weeks after receipt of the e-mail, then the modified terms shall be deemed to be adopted. Within the email which contains the modified conditions, we will point this twoweek period out to you separately. If you object to the modified terms, your ad will be taken back by us.

1. Subscription of the newsletter

If you subscribe to the newsletter service of ehorses, you will receive an e-mail in which you will be asked explicitly to again confirm the newsletter. (Double-Opt-In Procedure) (Exception: you already are registered at our newsletter mailing list or you have unsubscribed from the newsletter). After confirmation you will receive the regular newsletter as well as special newsletter of our advertising partners periodically. In this case, the subscription of the newsletter can be unsubscribed by the user independently. Relevant information concerning this topic can be found in each e-mail. Each user can permanently unsubscribe and thus does not receive further newsletters.

2. Place ads

The websites of ehorses are open to private persons and businesses, insofar as they are legally competent. In particular, minors may not use the websites of ehorses. Each seller may only have one account. It is prohibited to use different email addresses to create multiple accounts to achieve any cost savings. In case of abuse, ehorses has the right to delete the account and the associated ads; regardless of whether they have already been paid or not. A refund of the costs is not possible. The duration of the ads corresponds to the booked package. For Topseller the Terms and Conditions of Topseller are applicable. ehorses is entitled to not publish ads, or remove them from the service, without giving any reasons. A rejection / removal always happen, if it turns out that the content of the ad violates applicable law (including the protection of minors, pornography and fraud). A notification of the rejection / removal will not be send.

3. Payment

The cost for placing an ad amount respectively to the prices quoted in the current price list. The prices can be found in the Pricelist. When using a premium service on ehorses you will receive an invoice by email. The prices for standard seller and Topseller are inclusive statutory value added tax (VAT). As a standard seller of ehorses you can make use of one of these following payment methods: direct debit, credit card payment and PayPal.

4. Trading Platform

ehorses is merely a trading platform for sellers and buyers, concerning the ads, their content may not be contrary to law or against ehorses’ Terms of Use. In case of purchase, ehorses itself is not a party to the contract of sale; this is exclusively concluded between the seller and buyer. The contract processing also takes place exclusively between these parties. ehorses therefore has no influence on the quality, safety or legality of the items / horses sold as well as on the truth and accuracy of the offers or the permission of the seller to sell the items or the ability of buyers to buy them. ehorses can not control the execution of the contract.

5. Obligations of the seller

The seller has to place his ad in the appropriate category as well as to describe the horse correctly and completely. At this the seller has to give all for the buying decision essential properties and characteristics as well as errors that not only insignificantly reduce the value of the offered horse, truthfully. In addition, he has to completely inform the potential buyer about having the title to the offered horse, the right of disposal and the ability to deliver. He can describe his horse with words, drawings or pictures. The description as well as the drawings and images may not contain any advertising content of other than the horse offered, in particular by means of referral links on his own website. He may not violate laws or regulations (in particular copyright, consumer protection law or competition regulations, prohibitions of discrimination etc). ehorses reserves the right to assign the ads to another than the by the seller selected category.

6. Principles of Trade

All offers and requests may only be submitted in own name.

7. Conclusion of Contract

The contract will be concluded directly between buyer and seller, regardless of ehorses. ehorses makes no guarantee, warranty or liability of contracts and business ability, creditworthiness of the buyer as well as the accuracy of the information provided by the seller. ehorses assumes no guarantee, warranty or liability of contracts and business ability, creditworthiness of the buyer as well as the accuracy of the information provided by the seller.

8. List of Forbidden Items

It is prohibited to offer products, which offer or sale violates legal provisions or common decency. Particularly the following items may not be offered: stolen articles and pirated products, land and land rights, articles which violate copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other trade mark rights and personal rights, intellectual property rights, privacy rights or privacy rights of any third party, propaganda articles and plates of unconstitutional organizations, with, in particular Nazi references and other articles with national socialist references , morally harmful to youth pornography, child and animal pornography, firearms, cutting and stabbing weapons of any kind, animal products and preparations of protected animal species, human organs, securities (stocks, etc.) and loans. ehorses reserves the right to remove corresponding or similar offers without giving reasons.

9. Privacy/ Info- Newsletter E-Mail / Copyright

With regard to your personal data, we point out that according to § 33 BDSG, these data will be stored and / or transferred in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. With the completion of your ad or request, you agree to receive up to revocation or placement of a new ad the newsletter from ehorses incl. /or offers of third-party to you registered e-mail. The revocation can be made any time through a link in the relevant e-mail. Advertisements can be illustrated with photos. The seller agrees to only upload photos in the ehorses databases that he can use without restrictions and which are not burdened with any rights of third parties - especially not with others' copyrights. If the seller used images of catalogues, this has to be marked separately and the permission from the author has to be available.

10. Your Information

Your information enclose, all information that you provide to other users in the context of offers, requests or collections, in the public areas or via e-mail. Please note the following in connection with your information: You are the only one responsible for your information. ehorses only passively acts as a carrier of the online distribution and publication of your information. ehorses checked neither your information nor the information of other users. You are obligated to ensure that your information is true and neither violates laws or rights of third parties. ehorses is entitled to take, at its discretion, all necessary or appropriate action if in their view ehorses could be liable for your information, your information could (all or part of it) cause the loss of the services of ehorses internet service providers or other suppliers or that your information violates against the terms of ehorses.

11. System Integration

You are not authorized to use mechanisms, software or other routines that may disturb the functioning of the website or ehorses, or respectively try this. You may not take any measures which constitute an unreasonable or excessive load on the infrastructure of ehorses. The content of the pages of ehorses may not copied, distributed or used otherwise by you without prior in writing or via email given agreement by ehorses or any other rights holders. This also applies to copying by the means of robot / crawler search engine technologies or other automatic mechanisms.

12. Breach of the Terms of Use/Termination

In case of breach of the Terms of Use caused by legal requirements, the rights of third parties or for factually justified reasons ehorses is entitled to immediately send you a warning, to suspend or terminate your ads / requests indefinitely. In addition ehorses is entitled to remove the information you have stored on the sides of ehorses. ehorses moreover reserve the rights to take further steps.

13. Guarantee

The pages and services of ehorses be granted without any warranty or guarantee as to the availability and quality. ehorses reserves the right to modify this website at any time and without giving reasons.

14. Limits of liability

Regardless of the legal basis, ehorses shall only be liable for damages which 1) are caused by culpable violation of the essential contractual obligations (so-called "cardinal obligations") which put the contract goal at risk or 2) are caused by malice aforethought or gross negligence through ehorses. A liability for direct damage and loss of profit shall only apply if such damage 1) is caused by the culpable violation of the essential contractual obligations (so-called “cardinal obligations”) which put the contract goal at risk or 2) is caused by malice aforethought or gross negligence through ehorses or its executive employees; or 3) if the damage is caused by deviation from the assured properties.

15. Exemption

You release ehorses from all claims, asserted by third parties against ehorses due to their violation of their rights or due to infringement of the law through the content provided on ehorses websites by the user or due to other offers and/or contents of the ehorses websites. You will also bear the costs of consultation of a lawyer including all court and lawyer costs.

16. General compliance with laws

You are obligated, to follow all applicable laws and additional state legislative acts, which are applicable to your use of ehorses services and offers as well as requests, your purchase and sale of items.

17. Notifications

All explanations, which are sent by one of the participants against the other one in connection with this agreement have to occur in written text form by means of a letter or via email. Mails may be sent to the following e-mail address: ehosres reserves the right to change this address at its own discretion.

18. General Regulation

This agreement is subject to German law, excluding the CISG (EUSales Convention). Provided that you are a sales representative or merchant based on Commercial Law, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law, Georgsmarienhütte (or the applicable jurisdiction)is agreed to be the solely place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual agreement. If any of the provisions of this agreement is or becomes invalid, or if this Agreement contains a gap, the validity of the remaining provisions will remain unaffected thereby. By using this website you accept ehorses’ conditions of use.

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