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“P.R.E.s come out of the womb piaffing!” -Prejudices about Spanish horse breeds

by Michelle Holtmeyer
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From 18-24.10.2021 ehorses celebrates the Spanish Week. So it’s high time to clear up a few stereotypes about some of our Spanish four-legged friends!

Warning: This article is about stereotypes. It will certainly make you laugh a few times!


“They are far too dangerous” is certainly a phrase that Andalusian fans hear very often. In fact, the Spanish beauties are said to be stubborn, to have a strong personality and that you have to lunge them for a while before you dare to get in the saddle.

Menorquin Horse

The Spanish black beauties are real eye-catchers. However, they are sometimes described as aggressive and are absolutely not suitable for beginners. In addition, they have a stubborn nature. What are your experiences with Menorquin Horses?

Paso Fino

These little “firecrackers” are said to be particularly robust. They are also said to be in good health, as well as being a sensitive species. In addition, Paso Fino are said to be extremely affectionate, so they have a real “fear of being alone”. Is your Paso Fine the same?


There is probably no other Spanish horse breed that is looked at as closely as the legendary Pura Raza Española. The strictly regulated horse breed is said to fight with bulls and to dance out of the womb already piaffing. A P.R.E. without a long mane and with a brown coat? Are you sure you’re riding a pure P.R.E.? Moreover, you must not dare to ride these Spanish exclusive animals in any other way than baroque. True?

But all joking aside! We love all horses, whether big or small, whether graceful or stocky, whether piebald or grey. Every horse is unique because of its character and deserves to be loved for the way it is.

Have you already had to deal with such prejudices? Tell us your experiences in the comments!

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