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Horse quotes – these are the most charming ones & phrases

by Michelle Breitenfeld
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It might be challenging to accurately define feelings or provide a sufficient framework for them at times. Reading inspirational horse quotes, heartfelt poems, and deep poetry can change one’s attitude and foster clarity of thought. In fact, when an awareness of the current mood is applied, people frequently feel better. A lyrical proverb or wise saying can support positive ideas or aid in the processing of unpleasant memories. In any instance, poetry and other horse sayings that frequently express the soul of a horse lover have always been inspired by the majesty of horses and their coexistence alongside mankind.

Horse quotes – Beautiful horse sayings

Without a sincere bond and the necessary trust with the horse, something persistently stands between animal and human. This indescribable connection, which is strived for by almost every horse owner, cannot always be put into concrete words. 


  • “The greatest happiness on earth lies on the back of the horses.”
  • “Some friends have to walk on four legs just so they can carry around such big hearts.”
  • “When people say it’s just a horse, they haven’t understood one thing: This friend remains!”
  • “There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.”
  • “Worries that don’t let you sleep become smaller as soon as you are with the horse.”
  • “Carry the steps of your horse in your heart and you will always go the right way.”
  • “Horses can’t read minds, but they can sense our thoughts.”
  • “Whatever will be, stay faithful to the horse.”
  • “From horses you learn the most about yourself.”
  • “The horse is a mirror of the rider.”
  • “What man learns from the horse is more valuable than what man could ever teach the horse.”
  • “Never ride faster than your Guardian Angel can fly.”

 The indescribable connection, which is strived for by almost every horse owner, cannot always be put into concrete words.

Horse quotes – Funny horse sayings

In addition to their grace and intelligence, horses are also simply funny creatures, who can certainly amuse people with their unique behaviour. So it is very obvious that humorous horse sayings exist both from renowned poets and laymen.


  • “Beware of the rider! The horse is harmless.”
  • “When God realised that only the best people can ride, he created soccer.”
  • “Born to ride – forced to go to school.”
  • “If you want to be beautiful, you have to ride.”
  • “There are so many horses in the world and of all people I have the most beautiful one.”
  • “I do absolutely nothing. I only want to ride.”
  • “Just being pretty is not enough these days. You have to be able to ride.”
  • “Screw the prince – I’ll take the horse.”
  • “Dirt is just a glitter on the clothes.”
  • “If you left the stable clean, you didn’t have fun.”
  • “My therapist lives in the stable.”
  • “Man drinks, horse drinks – with riders it is the other way around.”
  • “The more people I meet, the more I like my horse.”

International horse sayings

The love for horses exists internationally, which is why there are well-known classics of poetry in the language of all countries. English horse sayings are easy to understand for most people and therefore poetry likes to use the world language.


  • “Life is good. A horse makes it better.”
  • “Horses aren’t my whole life – they make my life whole.”
  • “When people say „it’s just a horse“ they don`t understand.”
  • “It is the difficult horses that have the most to give.”
  • “There is no Wi-Fi but I promise you will find a better connection than anywhere.”
  • “If riding isn’t fun you’re not playing in the right team.”
  • “I don’t need therapy. I just need to go riding.”
  • “Coach me and I will learn. Challenge me and I will grow. Trust me and we will win.”
  • “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”
  • “A horse is poetry in motion.”
  • “To me, horses and freedom are synonymous.”

Sad horse quotes

Saying goodbye is undoubtedly the greatest challenge to come if there is this profound personal link between horse and human that is so difficult to define. Talented poets were inspired by tragic circumstances to create sincere poems that explained this deep pain.


  • “Don’t cry because it’s over. Laugh because it was beautiful.”
  • “When horses pass away… Tell stories, say goodbye, let go, seek peace.”
  • “Life is an eternal farewell. But if you can enjoy your memories, you live twice.”
  • “Even if your horse accompanies you for thousands of miles, one day it’s time to say goodbye.”
  • “Unexpectedly and very quietly, you have set off – I wish you a good journey and lots of light in the dark night.”
  • “The dearest horse was taken from me, in deep mourning I kneel there – but one thing is absolutely certain, we will see each other again in another place.”
  • “With death one loses many things, but never the time together and the memory of the horse’s soul.”
  • “For the world you were only a horse, but for me you were the world.”
  • “A life without a horse is possible, but meaningless.”
  • “Your only goal was always to give me your heart. I will handle it with care.”

 Saying goodbye is undoubtedly the greatest challenge to come if there is this profound personal link between horse and human.


Famous horse quotes

Of course, there are also quite a few famous quotes that are well known in the equestrian world.


  • “The goal is to achieve lightness, not to prevent explosions.” — Monica Theodorescu – dressage rider
  • “Your horse is your mirror. It never flatters you. It reflects your temperament. It also reflects your ups and downs. Don’t ever be angry with your horse: you might as well be angry with your mirror.” — Rudolf C. Binding – German writer
  • “If your horse makes a mistake, look for the cause in yourself. In case you can’t find it – search more thoroughly.” — Egon von Neindorff – successful riding instructor
  • “You can never rely on a horse that is educated by fear! There will always be something that he fears more than you. But, when he trusts you, he will ask you what to do when he is afraid.” — Antoine de Pluvinel (1555 – 1620) – representative of non-violent teaching methods
  • “You can spot a ‘good’ horseman not by the fact that his horse can do everything, but by the way he handles his horse when he can’t do something yet.” — Ifrit Kiselmann – Horse Whisperer
  • “If your horse says no, you either asked the question wrong or asked the wrong question.” — Pat Parelli – American horse trainer
  • “If you act like you only have fifteen minutes, it will take you all day, but if you take a day, you’ll have it done in fifteen minutes.” — Monty Roberts – horse whisperer, breeder and rodeo rider
  • “If I have always worked honestly, my horse will carry me to the end of the world.” — E. F. Seidler (1798 – 1865) – German riding instructor

Horse quotes – Team sayings for horse and rider

Horse and rider can only succeed as a united partnership. This understanding plays a part in the fact that this subject is poetically competitive, and as a result, there are numerous appropriate and well-known horse sayings that spread.


  • “Your hoofbeat is my heartbeat.”
  • “4 Hooves + 2 Legs = Team”
  • “There is no perfect rider, only a perfect team.”
  • “When we are together, I am never in a bad mood.”
  • “The power is in the team.”
  • “A horse is not an accident. It’s a task, an opportunity, and your soul mate.”
  • “You go crazy, I go crazy – We are a perfect team!”
  • “With you, we can steal horses! (Meaning, a person you can rely on when doing something out of the ordinary together – German saying)”
  • “Meeting each other is a beginning.”
  • “A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream you dream together becomes reality.”

What is the saying about horses?

Among the most famous horse sayings is probably the following one: "The happiness on earth lies on the back of the horses".

Horse quotes from movies

Movies often touch the viewer in a very honest way. Whether they are based on true events or correspond to the imagination of the director, it does not matter. As long as the emotions are communicated appropriately, the scenes cast a spell over the viewer.

  • “Before a person gets on a horse, he must master three things: First – balance; second – rhythm; third – coordination; and fourth …” — “Fourth? We said three!” – “Endurance!” — Ostwind, Together we are free
  • “You don’t throw away a whole life just because it’s a little bit damaged.” — Seabisciut, With the will to succeed
  • “I don’t help people who have problems with horses, I help horses who have problems with people.” — The Horse Whisperer
  • “I’m tired of babysitting fat animals that are almost as stupid and stubborn as their owners.” — Secretariat, A horse becomes a legend
  • “There are moments when a horse has to do what a horse is meant to do!” — Spirit, The Wild Mustang
  • “Let him go.” — The Black Stallion
  • “This is oatmeal… it tastes good. It’s like roast with gravy for us!” — Companion
  • “Humans are not only thoughtless to horses, they are cruel to each other.” — Black Beauty

Horse quotes from riding masters

Riding Master is a title awarded by the German Equestrian Federation to individuals for special appreciation in the equestrian sport.


  • “Ride your horse happily!” — Nuno Oliveira
  • “Whoever really wants to become a master of horsemanship must possess, among many other good qualities, that even the overcoming of difficulties gives him pleasure as such, and his mood is not darkened, but actually boosted by it.” — Gustav Steinbrecht

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