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Tips for selling horses during Covid-19

by Michelle Holtmeyer
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There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus situation has resulted in a lot of rethinking about how to sell horses during a very difficult time. The good news is that there are still plenty of people interested in buying horses. It’s now a question of how inventive your approach to marketing and selling your horse can be. Our professional team has gathered together top tips to get the most from online selling to help you find the right person for your horse.

The biggest issue is that travelling to view a horse, possibly the most important part of the whole buying procedure, simply isn’t possible at the moment. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything, however, and there’s never been a better time to make use of internet sales. Our advice will help you show your horses in their best light online.

Upload high quality photos and videos

We really can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to upload high-quality images and videos. In the days of film photography, professional photographers would take dozens, or even hundreds, of images but only use a handful of the best for their project. Since potential customers are currently unable to come and try the horses, your images and photos are key to helping them decide whether your horse is right for them. With digital photography, the sky is the limit to the number of shots you can take, so make sure there’s plenty of action and that your horse displays all its gaits clearly. Be honest, but there’s nothing wrong with giving some of your images and videos a little “wow” factor as well. Show how versatile your horse can be.

Using social networks

Social networking is a great way to draw attention to your horse but be aware of the rules of each site relating to sales, whether it’s Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Make the most of the various chat and direct messaging functions. Make sure your contact information is up to date on each one.

Interviews are popular

There are so many ways to draw attention to your horse. The more information you offer, the greater the interest will be. Think about the kind of questions people may ask about your horse(s). If your horse has a regular rider, whether professional or not, upload an interview in which they talk about the horse’s character and what they enjoy doing. Make a personal, friendly and appealing video and upload it to your sales advertisement and media channels.

Offer a virtual office hour

Be available and professional. Offering virtual office hours can work very well. Invite customers to contact you by phone or via chat at set times when you will answer any questions they may have. This way you build a relationship between you and potential buyers. Let them know what times you will be available or make individual appointments.

Make the most of live channels on Instagram and Facebook

Several social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook, have a “go live” facility. This gives you lots of options for showing your horse to potential buyers. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Video a complete training session with your horses for sale, rather than just uploading a brief clip. Potential purchasers also want to know about the horse’s reaction in everyday situations such as saddling, loading into the horse box, grooming and dealing with hazards such as tractors or noisy dogs. Don’t forget to announce to everyone that you’re going live so that potential customers put that time aside. Ask them what else they’d like to see.

Create a waiting list for following up

While we still don’t know when driving to view horses will be available again, you can be well prepared for the moment that happens by having a “waiting list” for each of your horses. That way the customer knows where they stand with regard to viewing when it’s an option again.

Offer a call back service

Little things like making your phone is on and fully charged, and answering messages via your social network sites, are important. Set up a call back service to make sure you maintain the relationship with your potential customers. It’s a relationship built on trust that makes the difference, every time.

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