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5 tips on how to get your man excited about horses

by Marlen Fischer
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Equestrian sport is your passion, and your horse is your best friend? The only thing that is missing is the perfect partner… That’s what many equestrians think! But what if you’re in a relationship and your partner shows no interest in your hobby at all? It might even feel like he stands between you and your horse! This needs to be changed, and we want to show you how to do it.

Here are 5 tips to change this:

  1. Ask your partner if he would like to see you at the next competition. Men are usually quite competitive and success-oriented. The probability that he will enjoy cheering you on at the next show is high! In addition, there is certainly a beer or two waiting for him – of course, only after he’s helped you prepare for the show.
  2. Do your friends feel the same way? Arrange a meeting and get your men together. It should be at the barn, though, so that the men associate their friendship with you and your horses.
  3. Despite all efforts, your partner just isn’t interested in horses? There is a solution for that too! There are hardly any men who aren’t interested in heavy machinery. And do you know a barn without a tractor, a wheel loader, or a Riding Arena Leveller? 
  4. Does your man love to work out? The barn offers lots of different options! Mucking out stables is a great full-body burn, and accompanying you on a hack can be the cardio session afterward. 
  5. Here’s the last tip: Your relationship might suffer from spending too much time in the equestrian community. At almost every barn the women’s quota is quite high, and men do find this appealing. So, you might lose your man to one of your barn friends. So, it can sometimes be better to leave your partner at home!

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