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Tiktok video: Woman hits horse with pole

by Jil Wiedemann
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A riding instructor at Saddington Riding school hit a horse with a jumping pole. This shows a video on the social platform Tik Tok. The animal welfare organization RSPCA is investigating her now.

The whole world can see how she beats a horse with a jumping pole. A child is sitting on the horse. The 1-minute video shows how the mare “Echo” shies away from a corner, that is, did not want to go into the corner. Then she takes a jumping pole from the corner and hits the gray horse on the butt.

Hoping that she would go forward. However, the horse jumps to the side against the fence. Later, she throws something else at the gray horse and yells at him, but the horse does not show the desired reaction.

Criticism from the horse world

Actually, trust stands as the basis between horse and rider, but the riding instructor justifies herself. She says that she could have used a whip, but she is not a ” whip fan”. She would have waved the pole around a bit and then lightly poked the horse with the pole. She doesn’t understand how that can be considered as abuse. She took the jump pole because she didn’t want to get on the horse’s hind legs.

Outrage is coming from the community. People are calling this a horrible video and wondering how a riding instructor can do this. A riding instructor should always be held up as a role model. She could have just led the horse past the corner with sense instead of upsetting it even more with the pole. Others defend Emma, saying she would never hurt a horse. Despite this, the RSPCA is now investigating her.

Source: dailymail

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