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Horse dies during a German event

by Jil Wiedemann
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A horse tragically died during a parade of archers. The following day, horses were therefore not used in the procession.

A tragic accident occurred in Düsseldorf (Germany). During the procession with the archers, a horse collapsed and was seriously injured. According to information, the horse shivered briefly, then collapsed. The animal tried to get up again several times. However, it fell to the ground again and again and on one occasion it seriously injured its head and died.

The police closed the road and called in the fire brigade to assist. The horse had to be removed from the road. The dead animal was lifted with a loading crane and loaded into a container. Finally, the road was cleaned. It is not yet clear how the accident happened, but an official veterinarian initiated the investigation. The rider of the horse was not injured. Nevertheless, the shooting club has decided not to use horses this year.

The head of the association said: “We are deeply saddened by yesterday’s incident, because horses are part of the shooting life and our riders have an intimate relationship with their animals. Nevertheless, I see the compelling need for us to clarify how the horse could have collapsed. This will be clarified.”

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