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Tragic accident at a German riding event

by Jil Wiedemann
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A serious accident occurred at the “Mannheim Maimarkt tournament” (Germany). Pia Reich’s gelding PB Maserati fell in the course and had to be put down as a result.

During the qualification for the Grand Prix of Mannheim, the gelding with Pia Reich fell in the jumping course at a triple bar. The 10-year-old Maserati wanted to jump off too early. He did not find the jumping-off point and slammed into the jump.

The gelding could not get up again because of a shock. After an injection, he was able to get onto the trailer. That trailer was supposed to take him to the veterinary hospital. Upon further examination, however, it turned out that PB Maserati had suffered a comminuted fracture of the elbow.

Rider is shocked after accident

The comminuted fracture was too complicated to operate on. Therefore, in consultation with the rider and owners, he was euthanised to spare him further suffering. The rider Pia Reich is deeply shocked. It is the worst thing for her to lose her horse in this way. She thinks of him as a partner and friend. She will never forget his great personality and the time they spent together.

The organisers also show their shock. For them, the horse comes always first. Thats why which is why they try to design the course and obstacles in such a way that as few accidents as possible occur. However, there is never complete safety, as the case of Pia Reich’s gelding shows.

Source: Reitturniere.de

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