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Predator attack on mare and foal

by Jil Wiedemann
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A Noriker mare with foal was attacked by a predator. It is unclear whether it was a wolf or a jackal. Fortunately, the mare was able to drive off the attackers before worse injuries occurred.

A dangerous animal attack occurred near Villach (Austria). Two animals had chased a Noriker foal in the pasture. The foal was injured in the legs. But the mother mare Laika managed to defend her foal Giovanni.

She was able to scare off the attackers and the wolves ran away. It is still unclear whether the attackers are wolves or jackals. Because there are also jackals in the area. It is certain that two predators chased the foal across the pasture.

On the alert

The foal and the mare were brought to the stable and treated by a veterinarian. Fortunately, the foal’s wounds are not life-threatening. Nevertheless, the horses will remain in the stable for the time being before they are put out to pasture again. The horse breeder has now installed a wildlife camera in the pasture and hopes for useful records.

Already a few months ago, a wolf was seen in the vicinity and a torn deer was found. Now neighbouring horse owners are also on the alert. Because there are other mares with foals in the pastures.

Source: kronen.at

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