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Carriage horse collapses on the open road

by Jil Wiedemann
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A carriage horse collapsed on an open road. Allegedly, the animal became frightened, stumbled and fell to the ground. In the process, the horse injured itself and continues to stir up discussions about carriage horses.

In Palma (Mallorca), a carriage horse collapses in the open street on Plaça Quadrado. According to information, the animal was frightened by the noise of an approaching delivery van. As a result, the horse got caught in a gully and fell to the ground. Due the fall, the horse knocked out a tooth. When the coachman was checked, it also turned out that he lacked certain licences.

There are always discussions about the carriage rides for tourists. People complain that the coachmen do not follow the rules. The horses are often defenceless against the sun and rain. In addition, there are frequently more people in the carriages than allowed.

This is the reason why animal rights activists are demanding that the carriage service be stopped. So far this has been to no avail. Nevertheless, there is already a regulation that horse-drawn carriages are not allowed to drive when the warning level is yellow, due to high temperatures.

Source: mallorcamagazin

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