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International coming out day: ehorses celebrates diversity with a photo competition

by Michelle Holtmeyer
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Whether big or small, whether pied or solid coloured, whether graceful or well-built. Horses come in all shapes, colours and with the most diverse character traits. But they all have one thing in common: they deserve to be loved sincerely.

In no other sport is there such a great variety as in equestrian sport. From western riding to classical dressage to the high school or brilliant jumps that horse and rider master together in the arena or in the field; there are no limits to the most diverse disciplines.

But the interior of the four-legged friends is as different as their appearance and it is not uncommon that horse and rider are often similar in their emotions. Whether it is a high-energy thoroughbred, a gentle cold-blooded horse or a lively pony; there is a suitable friend on four hooves for every rider.

ehorses celebrates International Coming Out Day

On the occasion of International Coming Out Day on 11 October, ehorses wants to raise awareness for the topic of diversity. On this day, the LQBTQ+ community sets a sign against homophobia and transphobia – and ehorses supports them! Because on International Coming Out Day, diversity, but above all the individuality of each person is celebrated and expressed, which makes the world more colourful and worth living in.

But as beautiful as diversity and the colourful side of life is, the more oppressive it can be for people who do not yet have the courage to live their personality openly. Horses are quiet friends in this, because they have proven to be sensitive individuals. Their gentle nature helps us daily to escape from everyday life and to find ourselves. Whether it is the quiet listening, the subtle affection or the emerging feelings of happiness during an explosive gallop through nature – horses have been helping people to strengthen and maintain their mental health for many years. Last but not least, this is also the reason why horses have been used in psychotherapy for decades.

Because just as there are many different horses, there are also different riders. And there is no distinction when it comes to love; if it fits, it fits. With man to horse, as with man to man. You can’t choose love, because it decides who you belong to. #loveislove

ehorses is looking for the most colourful photo!

On the occasion of Coming Out Day, we celebrate the diversity and individuality of all horse lovers and are looking for the most beautiful and colourful horse picture! The three pictures with the most votes will receive great prizes. Sounds cool? Click here to enter the competition.

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