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IDRC publishes its ideas for rule changes in equestrian sport

by Marie Arensmann
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The International Dressage Rider’s Club recently published the short minutes of its meetings, which include ideas for rule changes within the sport. The IDRC’s decisions will subsequently be forwarded to the FEI Dressage Committee. 

The IDRC is the official riders stakeholders club. Decisions made within the club are passed on to the FEI Dressage Committee to provide advice on rule changes and the general direction of the sport. Since December 2020, Isabell Werth has been President and Klaus Roeser Secretary-General at the IDRC. 

Together, this new board now wants to establish more direct communication with the riders to be able to represent their interests in the best possible way. Thus, the IDRC has decided to publicly share its ideas and decisions made and therefore publish the short minutes of its meeting

Contents of the IDRC board meeting minutes

Vet Check

On 07 September 2021, the IDRC Board held a meeting in which a variety of proposed changes to the FEI were discussed. One of them proposes doing the Vet Check two, instead of only one day before the GP, so that the riders are calmer and have more time to prepare their start. 


In addition, the IDRC demands that teams should consist of four riders again, to reduce the pressure on the horses and the danger that teams break apart. The club supports this proposal by saying that this alteration would not influence the horses that have to be transported, as currently reserve horses are also taken along, but are not used at all. 

Grand Prix Special

The IDRC also proposed that the one-hour break between the second and third GPS rounds gets eliminated</b and that it wants four more teams to be allowed to participate in the Team Finals of the GPS. This would encourage competition between teams that are not medal contenders, as places 4-8 are important to some countries. That is because they bring points to their National Olympic Committee, but with just 8 teams qualified, they all got those points.


IDRC proposes to prevent the law for a general ban of antibiotics in animals, through political contacts. The reason for this is the pure necessity of this kind of medication plus the minimal amount of just 2% which is used for the treatment of dogs, horses, and cats.


The last request is for clearer and more precise rules in stewarding, which should apply equally to all disciplines and provide both certainty and less room for individual interpretation. The reason for this demand is that in Tokyo and later also in Hagen the riders were very unsettled by the strict observance of the sharp rules. 

Source: eurodressage.com

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