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Terrible incident: horse drilled through by metal rod

by Laura Wienecke
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An English thoroughbred mare died in the night from Thursday to Friday in Mühlheim. A metal rod drilled through the animal’s neck. The owner suspects a hunt.

The two owners Christiane Taubert and her daughter are shocked by the sudden death of their beloved mare. They try to reconstruct what may have happened that night in the pasture near the Ruhr (Germany).

Many hoof prints, arranged in a jumble, lead the owners to conclude that the horses must have been in a panic. In addition, many stones and large pieces of asphalt with horse hair were found in the pasture. The two women assume that at least two people had cornered the horse with stones.

Mare tried to escape over the fence

The owners suspect that the mare tried to escape by jumping over the fence. She must have hit a tree while jumping and then the metal post of the fence drilled through the mare’s neck when she fell.

Neighbours said they have heard excited neighing around three o’clock in the morning, which must probably have been from the dead mare’s foal. There are no eyewitnesses so far. The police are investigating for violation of the Animal Welfare Act and damage to property.

Source: WDR

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