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A horse girl’s partner – expert, brave or lonely, which type of man do you have?

by Marlen Fischer
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It is often said that a good horse is worth more than a thousand men, but in the end almost every horse girl has a husband who occasionally even shows a lot of enthusiasm for her horses. Men are quite different in how much they share or support our hobby. Does he give you horse treats instead of chocolates for your birthday, or does he think that you spend too much time at the barn? Find out which type of man you have now.

The lonely one

He’s always alone at home, and she’s at the barn. In the morning to turn the horses out, for lunch to feed them, and in the evening to ride. She’s busy for hours and hours, but he doesn’t want to hang out at the barn either because she wouldn’t have time for him anyway. Well, the best idea is to find a hobby so that he’s busy as well. Alternatively, get a dog. This way, your man could even come along on a hack with the dog if he’s trained him well enough.

The helping hand

He’s not interested in equestrian sports or horses at all, but he’s always ready to help and can fix anything. He even likes to build things for the horse. Whether it’s a new fence or a toy for the horse, he turns into a real craftsman when he’s at the barn. He would do anything to make her happy, and he probably hears the words: “can you just quickly have a look at this, please?” daily. At least he won’t need the gym anymore after working so much.

The cheerleader

She rides, and he’s watching. But, he actually enjoys it. As long as the fence is between himself and the horse because, well, he doesn’t love horses that much after all, and he will never understand how she can ride such a huge beast. Anyway, it’s great to have your husband watching all the time as he can record all of your training sessions for you to analyze at home.

The “expert”

Throughout your relationship he’s learned so much that it’s normal for him to talk with your trainer about your riding and pretty much everything else that’s going on at the barn. Voluntarily or not, he’s spent so much time with the horses that he knows all the important things, and we all know men just love to talk about what they’ve learned and have “expert conversations”.

The delicate one

You would think he’s allergic to horses. As soon as he enters the barn, he can’t stop sneezing, and he constantly complains about the smell. Touching a horse? No way! There always has to be a safe distance between him and the horse. But he’s so attentive that he even realizes when something’s wrong with the horse. Most of the time the horse is absolutely fine and just made a weird noise or movement, but he will be the first to ask if the horse is okay.

The brave one

He’s genuinely fascinated and is looking forward to every day at the barn. He enjoys grooming the horses, giving them scratches, and even mucking out. We’re thrilled that he’s so passionate about our hobby, and to be honest, this is pretty close to every girl’s dream of finding the prince in shining armor on a noble mount.

The equestrian

Not to forget, some men can ride and love horses just as much as we do. Many of them even compete. It’s the typical equestrian couple, but there are downsides to having an equestrian as a partner, too. You both don’t have much time, and each one has their own principles about riding. Opinions could differ and sometimes you just can’t avoid disputes.

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