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Product Test: Tech Stirrups Venice Light Plus

by Marlen Fischer
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Almost every rider has at least once thought of falling off the horse and getting stuck in the stirrups. It’s one of the most dangerous scenarios for every rider, so that multiple companies have put a lot of effort into developing stirrups which release your foot after a fall. Safety stirrups such as Tech Stirrups’ Venice Light Plus have become very popular in the equestrian world. This is why we, too, got curious and ordered three pairs which were tested by three completely different riders.

The Product – Tech Stirrups Venice Light Plus

The company “Tech Stirrups” manufactures high quality stirrups in Italy. They are known for their special grip- and safety systems as well as their modern and elegant stirrup design. The model we ordered comes in 20 different colors. Whether you fancy a pink, red or the classic silver stirrup there’s a stirrup for every taste and every outfit. The safety mechanism is designed to release your feet quickly in case of an emergency. The outside of the stirrup has a moving part, which opens in a wide range of up to 90 degrees. It opens and closes automatically as soon as pressure is put on the side of the stirrup, thanks to a strong magnet. The magnet is not particularly big though. It is almost not recognizable as it is part of the locking special system and covered with rubber to absorb sounds. On top of the safety aspect, there’s a special grip and shock-absorbing system included to ensure a firm hold in the stirrups especially while jumping. The stirrup has 4 shock-absorbing inserts which are to follow the natural movements of the foot. The footbed is inclined by 5 degrees and equipped with spikes to hold the feet in place at any time.

I’ve been using an older model of Tech Safety Stirrups for 2 years and I’m highly impressed by their functionality and design. I’ve never had a stirrup that has such a good grip. It’s almost impossible to lose a stirrup, as the foot bed is equipped with spikes to make sure the foot stays in position. In the beginning, I assumed that these sharp spikes would ruin the sole of my boots. Turns out it didn’t but I recommend a stirrup cover or removing the stirrups from the saddle after riding, as the leather of the saddle is likely to be damaged by the spikes. After a year, the safety clip still works perfectly well. I simply rinsed the stirrups off if they got dirty while riding so that all their technical details last long.

As I’ve made such positive experiences with this company, I was keen to try out the new Venice Light Plus Stirrup. In comparison to my own Tech Stirrups, the new ones have an additional shock-absorbing system which is great since I occasionally suffer from knee pain. During the test period of 4 weeks my knee didn’t hurt at all. The shock-absorbing system seems to work indeed well. From now on I will use the Venice Light Plus Stirrups for longer hacks to protect my joints. The new model lacks none of the positive attributes I’ve listed in the beginning. To me Tech Stirrups is a great company and I don’t want to miss their products in my daily life.

The 4-week trial period is over, and we had more than enough time to thoroughly test the stirrups.

The first impression of the product is great. The company has designed an outstanding stirrup. They come in a simple but very elegant design which makes them look high quality and appropriate for every discipline. I also really like that you can choose from such a wide range of colors. In addition, they are easily attached to and removed from the saddle so that the stirrups can be used for multiple saddles without much effort.

At first, we were skeptical, if their shock-absorbing system will be as good as those of other brands. We’ve been using stirrups with shock-absorbing systems for many years now as we find it important to ride in the most comfortable and joint-friendly way. After 4 weeks of testing the product we can say that the venice Light Plus Tech Stirrups are exactly as good as other stirrups with similar technology.

To test the grip system we used different riding boots and also tried the stirrups in rainy weather. The inclined foot bed and the spikes never failed us. Even a fast canter on the racetrack in the rain wasn’t a problem for the grip system. After riding in such nasty weather we think it’s also a big advantage that the stirrups are so easy to clean. You can simply rinse them off with a hose and they are as good as new.

Fortunately, we didn’t test the safety mechanism in an emergency. Nevertheless, we’re convinced of the method the company is using.

We’re grateful that we had the chance to test this amazing product. The Venice Light Plus Stirrups convinced us in every possible way and we’re sure the company will be very successful with this product.

Hi guys!

I’m Denis and I’ve tested the Venice Light Plus stirrups. As I’ve sprained both of my ankles in the past, my riding is affected in terms of balance and stability. This is why I’d like to try a new kind of stirrups. I used to ride with ordinary stirrups, which have a rubber footbed. Out of my lack of stability, I often slip too far into or out of the stirrups which is a huge problem regarding how much I ride every week (I’m going to shows every weekend, where I compete in dressage and show jumping). With these stirrups I hope that I will be able to focus more on myself and the horse and less on repositioning my feet.

When I started using the Tech Stirrups Venice Light Plus I could instantly feel the difference. Once I’ve put my feet in the right position they stayed there throughout the entire training session. I’ve got great support from these stirrups in jumping and dressage tests and all my problems were solved at once. I’ve never thought this was possible by just switching stirrups but it is! From now on I can enter a competition without worrying about slipping through my stirrups.

There are only two things I want to mention as minor negative aspects. The shock-absorbing system in my stirrups made a rather annoying squeaking noise for some time and it seemed as if the side of the stirrup opens a bit if the foot is too far on the outside of the stirrup. These problems do not affect the riding at all but as I’m testing this product, I believe it’s important to mention everything I noticed.

The squeaking noise is audible in the following video:

After the company heard of the squeaking problem, they told me to oil the stirrups which was a great help.

All of the Reviews sound great! Our testers were impressed with the Venice Light Plus Tech Stirrups for their grip and shock-absorbing system in combination with their safety mechanism.

Do you want to try the Tech Stirrups yourself?

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