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Experiences with the Pivo Pod

by Michelle Holtmeyer
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Three people have tested the Pivo Pod and tell you about their experiences in this article.

Pivo Pod is like a cameraman, just way better! With its 360° rotation capability, horse tracking mode, and Auto Zoom feature, Pivo Pod lets you record all your rides for improved training and performance. You can also video call your instructor as you showcase your ride with Pivo Meet. And of course, when you are not busy training, get insanely creative and share fun videos and images with your horse using Pivo Pod’s 9 Quick Create Modes like Many Me and Tiny Planet.

Our testers took a closer look at the Pivo Pod. In the following reports you can read if the product convinced them:

Pivo Pod is incredible. It solves my eternal problem of asking somebody to record me during my rides. The Pivo Pod is fast enough to record my rides, video is very smooth and well zoomed on auto zoom mode. I used all trackings modes to different kinds films for my YouTube channel. It works perfectly, but it still have disadvantages. I have some troubles with tracking where I ride with somebody else on arena – it sometimes lose me and it don’t recognize horse during the jump and I can’t record video from riding more than one obstacle. I am waiting for update horse tracking mode which will fix it.

The app is nice and easy to handle. There are lots of options and modes. It is very enjoyable to work with.

I tested more than Pivo Pod, I received great pivo tripod which is amazing. It is standing stable and I can change it’s height very easily.

The case for Pivo pod is next advantage of this set. I wasn’t worry about security Pivo.

The phone holder is very nice and it holds my phone well.

In summary – filming with pivo is pure pleasure and I really love to use it. It is great product for everyone. I am only waiting for little update which make it perfect.

Also I am sending a picture with Pivo and short video madę by Pivo.

Pivo Pod TestThank you for the opportunity to test this amazing product.

My experiences with the Pivo Pod

As a rider but also as content creator, I regularly need to be filmed during my horse training. Indeed, that allows me to see my mistakes and then work on them to correct them.

I had already tested a self-tracking camera system a few years ago, but it was particularly long and complex to set up. That’s why I was happy to discover Pivo, which seems to me a great alternative when you don’t have a cameraman with you.

Indeed, for me Pivo has many qualities:

  • The system is easy to set up. You just have to put the base where you want and launch the application on your phone. This application is very easy to use.
  • The system does not take up space. It can be transported everywhere.
  • There is no need for any accessories such as a watch or tags, which makes set-up quick.

On the other hand, I observed a few points that could be improved on Pivo:

  • The system loses its target when there are several horses in the area. It tends to track any horse if there are several in the same space.
  • Pivo loses its target depending on the brightness. You have to make sure that the contrast between the horse and the background is high, otherwise you will no longer be tracked. It is therefore necessary to avoid dark places or certain hours to be filmed.
  • Pivo loses his target if the horse walks too close to the camera. So, you have to make sure you are neither too close nor too far.

Despite these few flaws, I think the Pivo system is one of the best you can find on the market, with excellent value for money. Tracking needs to be further optimized, but it remains a product that I strongly recommend to any rider who needs to review their training.

Montaine (Un Poney Jaune)

If you follow Montaine on Instagram, you can see the Pivo Pod in action:

Pivo Pod Test

After testing Pivo for a few weeks now, I can say that this thing made my life much easier. First of all is that now I always have Pivo to record my training, for me to see it afterwards as this helps a lot when learning. The quality is super and the speed is good a well so it’s easily following me when I am riding at any gait. I also got a tripod to use, really a thing worth buying. With tripod you can change the height and put it in any place you need.
The only disadvantage I found is that Pivo looses focus on me when I am riding with other horses on the arena, this is a little disappointing, because in my horse club you can rarely ride alone in the arena… hopefully it will be fixed in the nearest future.
Overall I’m very happy with my Pivo, and would recommend buying it.

The reports sound very good. The testers were enthusiastic about the Pivo Pod and don’t want to miss this great product.

You want to test the Pivo Pod as well?

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