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Ukraine: Where are the stallions Cornet Obolensky & Comme il faut?

by Laura Wienecke
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The two famous stallions Cornet Obolensky and his son Comme il faut are still at the Ukrainian stud farm Zhashkov, as they could no longer be transported to Germany. The stud is only 150 km away from the capital Kiev, where Russian missiles hit.

The 23-year-old stallion Cornet Obolensky and his 18-year-old son Comme il faut could not be brought to safety in Germany because of the war machinery on the roads and the fact that no man between the ages of 18 and 60 is allowed to leave the country.

It was actually planned by Marcus Ehning to bring the stallion Comme il faut to Germany for the breeding season, which is no longer possible due to the current war activities.

The situation at the Zhashokv stud farm

The horse world is also very worried about all the other big four-legged friends who are in the Ukrainian war zone. It is unknown whether and how many staff members will be able to work at the Ukrainian Zhashokv Stud Farm and take care of the horses. It is also not known whether the employees and the horses are in mortal danger or not.

The Ukrainians do not know what will become of their horses or where they can go. That’s why many horse owners set them free, as in this facebook video, hoping that they will survive on their own in the wild. Maybe they can see the horses again after the war, but it is unsure.

Source: Facebook, eqwo.net

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