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Fire brigade operation: Pony stuck in car tyre

by Jil Wiedemann
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The Pirkhof fire brigade was called out on an unusual mission. A pony had managed to get stuck in a car tyre. The fire brigade was finally able to free the pony safely from the tyre.

The fire brigade had to come to the rescue of a pony from the district of Deutschlandsberg (Germany). Somehow it had got caught in a car tyre in its paddock and was wearing it like a saddle around its back and belly. The pony was fine so far, but the tyre and the pony had to be separated somehow. The Pirkhof volunteer fire brigade first considered cutting the tyre off the pony’s back. In the end, however, they decided on a different option.

They smeared the tyre around the pony’s back with soapy water. Then with three men they twisted and pulled this tyre to be able to pull it off over the hind legs. This allowed the horse to be freed from its predicament without pain. It remains unclear how the pony got caught in the tyre. Fortunately, thanks to the help of the FF Pirkhof, things turned out well for the little four-legged friend.

Source: heute.at

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