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Queen’s favourite pony saying goodbye for the last time at Windsor

by Maria Filimonenko
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When Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession reached Windsor Castle, not only thousands of people lined the road. Her favourite pony Caroltonlima Emma was also waiting for the Queen’s coffin in a gap between the bouquets of flowers on The Long Walk. 

When the Queen’s coffin arrived at Windsor, it was first escorted in procession by hundreds of military personnel and dignitaries on its final route along the avenue known as the Long Walk and through the castle gardens.

As they entered the gate, the staff of the Royal Stables also paid their last respects to the Queen. One of them held one of her ponies by the halter and waited on a shoulder. According to the Sky News channel, it was Caroltonlima Emma, a fell pony and the Queen’s favourite. It was saddled, the blanket adorned with the golden letters “EIIR”, for Queen (Regina) Elizabeth II. Also two of her corgis were waiting in front of the house when the coffin arrived.

King Charles III, Camilla, and other royal family figures gathered in the courtyard of the castle. St. George’s Chapel on the royal grounds was the procession’s ultimate destination. After a service of blessing in the church, the Queen is to find her final resting place there alongside her Prince Consort Philip, who died last year.

Source: RP Online

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