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The business with the luxury good ”horse” is on fire!

by Michelle Holtmeyer
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Despite the pandemic, the business with the luxury good horse is growing. Last year, the four-legged friends were traded at a significantly higher price than at the beginning of COVID-19, as an evaluation by the world’s leading online horse market ehorses shows.

Georgsmarienhütte. Although the Corona pandemic leads to numerous restrictions, the business with the luxury good horse is booming. At ehorses, the total trading volume of all horses for sale has increased significantly during the last two “COVID-19 years.” While this was about $668 Million in 2020, the trading volume for horses for sale in 2021 is $815 Million. Compared to 2020, which was dominated by the pandemic, this results in a growth of almost 22 percent. A horse cost an average of 13.531 USD in 2021, 2.100 USD more compared to the previous year (12.021 USD)

“Prices on the (international) horse market are at a record level due to the pandemic. Within the last two years, we have seen a significant increase in sales prices. People are also more open to modern sales channels and are increasingly taking advantage of the online sales world,” says Lena Büker, CEO of ehorses.

While prices have risen, the average duration of listings on the sales platform has dropped significantly. In 2020 a horse for sale was advertised on ehorses for an average of 57.85 days until it was sold – an average of only 35.50 percent in 2021. So people are willing to spend more money on horses and furthermore the general demand is significantly higher than the year before.

About ehorses

ehorses was founded in 1999 as the first horse market on the Internet and specializes in the successful brokerage of horses worldwide. The company, which is based on the Osthoff manor near Osnabrück, has become the largest horse market in the world in recent years and is now available in 13 countries in 9 different languages. More than 250 new horses for sale are posted daily, and a horse is sold through ehorses every 15 minutes.

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