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Paul Schockemöhles stud Lewitz on fire for 3 days!

by Maria Filimonenko
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Paul Schockemöhle’s stud “Lewitz” in East Germany, one of the largest stud farms in the world, has encountered numerous fires over the past 20 years. Schockemohle breeds 650 foals a year at the 3000 hectare large stud Lewitz where it also stables 3500 horses.

History of fires and arson 

In 2004, hay bales totaling 3000 were destroyed by fire.

Three additional fires at the stud occurred between 2010 and 2012. In 2010, there were three arson-caused fires at the stud: the first burned 4,000 bales of hay, and the second, three months later, destroyed 10,000 bales. The offender, 22-year-old Fabian T, was apprehended after a third occurrence. He received a five-year prison term after being found guilty in court. His two conspirators, both juveniles, were found guilty as well.

In 2018, a short-circuit caused an automatic feeder to catch fire. Damage totaling 300,000 euros was incurred.

Bales of straw burst into flames over the weekend, and it took the neighbourhood fire department three days to cast down the fire.

How did it happen this time?

The fire was caused by a thunderstorm whereas the bales started to burn during the lightning storm. On September 8, 2022, a 500-metre row of 20,000 straw bales caught fire. It took the local firefighters until Sunday night to completely extinguish the flames.

Both horses and people were unharmed

According to Schockemöhle, the firemen responded quickly and decisively to avert harm to humans and animals. The dedicated and careful work of all the individuals there was outstanding. Everyone worked very efficiently, hand in hand, together, shared Gestut Lewitz’s workers. “Our employees were extremely fast with their machinery and gave it their all as well.”

Source: Eurodressage

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