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Fatal accident: Rider Eszter Jeles has died after accident at horse race

by Marie Arensmann
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Hungarian rider Eszter Jeles has died after a tragic accident at a horse race in Istanbul. Jeles spent 13 days fighting for her life in hospital before she passed away due to her severe injuries, at the age of just 21.

Eszter Jeles was participating in a horse race in Istanbul on September 5, on the horse “Toms”. Suddenly, the French rider Tracy Menuet, who was riding in front of her, and her horse “Out Of The Dark”, fell. Jeles was not able to react quickly enough and also fell, hitting her head on the ground at top speed

The jockette suffered severe head injuries and was immediately taken to a nearby clinic, where her condition was initially declared as stable. Her competitor was also taken to the clinic, but was fortunately able to be released after just a brief examination.

Eszter Jeles fought for her life for 13 days

On the day after the accident, Jeles had to undergo surgery due to her severe head injuries. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, the Hungarian woman eventually lost the fight for her life after 13 days. The Hungarian Jockey Association commented on her death on its homepage with the following words: “Eszti was a hero who dedicated her life to horse racing. We will keep her in our hearts forever”.

“Don’t be sad, because I was laughing”

After her daughter’s death, Jele’s mother said that Eszter would not have wanted people to mourn her death in case she would ever get in an accident while riding. This is what she once had written on her private Instagram account: “If one day I die because of my passion for speed, don’t be sad, because I was laughing“.

The equestrian scene mourns 

The jockette’s sudden death has affected many people. On social media, the Turkish Jockey Association wrote: “We are deeply saddened that Eszter Jeles lost her life. May her soul rest in peace”. The organizer of the race also condoled and said via social media, “We are deeply saddened that Eszter Jeles has lost her life. We would like to express our condolences to the family and acquaintances. May her soul rest in peace.”

At a memorial service dedicated to her, a moment of silence was observed for Jeles. 


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