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Pentathlon without riding: Athletes protest against new discipline

by Jil Wiedemann
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On Monday, the UIPM announced that the Modern Pentathlon will get a new discipline. Instead of show jumping, hurdling will now be the fifth discipline. Alongside swimming, running, fencing and shooting. But the change is causing great excitement among athletes.

The announced change by the UIPM, the world federation of pentathletes, is causing great indignation among athletes. Before the decision, many had campaigned for show jumping to remain. Without success.

The interest group Pentathlon United complains in a letter to the International Olympic Committee that the majority opinion of the athletes was ignored. “It is clear that the UIPM is neither representing nor listening to its athletes,” the letter says.

Athletes consider quitting

The letter refers to a survey conducted the previous month. It found that 90 per cent think that “the UIPM is not capable of building a strong future for the sport”. In addition, more than 77 per cent said they would not continue with the sport if equestrian was removed as a sub-discipline.

Aim of the new discipline

The aim of the new discipline should now be to reduce costs, increase safety, enhance the attractiveness of the sport and generally

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

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