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Ingrid Klimke’s top horse died

by Laura Wienecke
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Ingrid Klimke’s Butts Abraxxas FRH had to be put to death at the age of 25. An acute age-related cardiac insufficiency made Ingrid Klimke decide “to not let him suffer”.

“Braxxi” is one of those horses that the world will remember for a long time. Not because of his numerous successes, but because he was different from the others. With a height of no more than 1.60 metres, he was not the tallest. But the little black horse and Ingrid Klimke showed what is possible when horse and rider become one.

Abraxxas FRH – Small, but a fighter’s heart

In the most difficult cross-country courses, some people were not quite sure whether the two of them would be able to do it. But Braxxi has shown in a total of 47 international starts that it can be done after all. If the jump was wider, the little black horse just stretched a bit more.

On 5 September 2013, Braxxi ended his international career with fifth place in Burghley, with only one jumping fault in the course. This was not always the case, as poles often fell in the course.

Braxxi left the sport in good health and after a few years on the pasture, the two-time Olympic champion was redeemed and the team had to say goodbye to him with a heavy heart.

Source: Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung

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