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Horse trapped under trailer – fire department frees 700 kg Friesian mare

by Jil Wiedemann
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In Germany in the state of Schleswig Holstein, there was a serious accident over the weekend. On the highway, a 700 kg horse had to be freed from the horse trailer after an accident.

A horse trailer, in which the horse, a Friesian mare, was located, started to lurch on the highway for unclear reasons. As a result, the horse trailer tipped onto its side and the mare broke through the roof of the trailer with her front legs. The animal was trapped and in a predicament.

The highway was closed and the fire department with veterinarians arrived. 19 emergency personnel had to free the 700 kg horse. To free the trapped front legs, the roof was carefully opened with a saw and lifted. With a winch, the trailer was pulled so far that the loading ramp could be opened. The Friesian mare was then pulled out of the trailer by hand using round slings.

Veterinary hospital

The animal was treated and examined by the veterinarians on the spot. Afterwards trailer and tractor were provided by the fire-brigade and the animal were driven to the nearby rest area. Here it could be examined further. Then it was decided to transport the Friesian lady to the nearest clinic for further examinations.

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