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Horse ripper: another horse mistreated

by Jil Wiedemann
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Again and again there are serious cases of cruelty to horses. In the latest case, a horse was slashed in the paddock until it finally bled to death.

In Polzow (Germany) a cruel crime was committed. During the night, unknown persons gained access to the paddock of a horse farm and injured a mare. They inflicted severe internal and external injuries on the horse with a long, sharp object.

It was already too late when the veterinarian arrived. Due to the severe injuries, the horse had lost an enormous amount of blood. The veterinarian could no longer help the animal and had to euthanise it on the spot. The investigators assume that several perpetrators may have been involved. As a result, the animal was sent for a post-mortem examination. The pathological examinations should bring clarity to the case.

Unfortunately, cases like this are not unique. Again and again horses are mistreated by so-called “horse rippers”.

Animal rights activists demand a register

Since such incidents, which are contrary to animal welfare, occur again and again, animal rights activists are calling for a horse-ripper register. This register should list all attacks on horses by horse rippers. Although the cases of horse rippers always cause a great stir, there is no official register where all attacks are listed. Nobody knows how many horses have fallen victim to the animal abusers. According to statistics, there are more than 900 horses. Already from 1993 to 2003, a Seirienkiller killed 50 horses.

The perpetrators usually follow the same pattern. They break into paddocks at night with the aim of seriously injuring or killing the horses. Usually mares are selected for these crimes and then slashed, cut and stabbed. It can be assumed that the perpetrators are psychologically and sexually disturbed. This is because the genitals are often violated. Possibly bestiality and zoophilia also play a role.

Hype on the Internet

Hard to understand, but a reality for some: Some perpetrators film their acts in order to get attention on certain platforms. They put their deeds on display on the Darknet and let themselves be celebrated for it. It is possible that this “hype” also fuels such cruel acts. For the police, however, this can also have advantages in tracking down some perpetrators.

Source: Nordkurier

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