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FEI rules from 2023: Abuse, harassment, exclusion from the course – this applies from now on!

by Rebana Uhe
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Same procedure as every year. The FEI has updated their rulebook and integrated various rules that apply for the 2023 season. We tell you the most important ones here!

Abuse and molestation

As if now abuses and molestations count as a rule break, even if those did not happen in the context of equestrian sports. Therefor the accused offender has to be convicted, warned or charged. There are going to be consequences for the actual abuse or molestation, but also for just the attempt or threat

Furthermore involvement, attempts or threats of any kind of actions, that harm the physical or mental well being of a human to protect are being charged. The same rule applies also for just risking something of the above to happen.

Cancelation of 4* oder 5* competitions

If the organizer of a 4 or 5 star show cancels it, then they have to pay a fine. This fine increases if the organizer cancels the competition a second time and if there happens to be a third cancellation this show gets banned from the FEI-Calendar for 365 days. The only excuses made are “Force majeure”. In this case the FEI-secretary general has to decide if or if not the excuse applies.

Veterinary regulations

There are new sanctions for rule breaks of the verterinary regulations.


Horses the are newly vaccinated against Equine Influenza from 2024 on have shorter intervals between the first and second vaccination. The second vaccination has to be within 21 to 60 days after the first one, instead of 21 to 92 days. After that the first booster has to be within 6 month and 21 days instead of 7 month. 

A emergency decision has been made and applies till the 1st of April 2023. This decision regulates all further boosters, which have to be every 12 month in theory. If a horse should take part in a FEI competition the booster vaccination cannot be longer ago than 6 month and 21 days, but also has to be at least 7 days behind. 


At FEI events there are no incorrectly vaccinated horses allowed, those have to be brought to another stable, so there is no contact with the horses in the stable for the show. 

In there stables from now on there has to be a night rest of at least 6 hours. During these 6 house the stable should be as dark and as quiet as possible.

Disease transmission

To prevent disease transmission the verterinary department of the FEI is allowed to carry out bio-security investigations if competitions queue. The rules for the case that a tramsmissional disease breaks out are loosened, for example in terms of desinfication. 

Additionaly the verterinary department of the FEI is from now on allowed to test horses on transmissional diseases of any kind. Horses that have a temperature  >38,5°C or show neurological symptoms have to be testet for EHV-1 and influenza immediately.

Supporting therapies

The decision has been made that people responsible for the horse are allowed to use two new supporting treatments for their horses. Those are a Microcurrent, which conduct micro currents in minimal units under the skin and pulsing ultrasound treatments in a low depth. Massage guns are not allowed, because only schooled people should treat horses with these. 

Endurance riding

To prevent maipulationes there are now stricter rules for the examination of the heartbeat.


Additiones on the List of banned substances:

  • Emidonol 
  • Nalmefene
  • Sulfsalazine

Additiones to the list of atypical results:

  • Diisopropylamine



The daily diems for the officials at showjumping competitions rise and are more strictly regulated. The daily diems depend on level and region now. There is also a new differentiation between the two categories president ground jury/judges from abroad, chief steward/steward from abroad and “all other officials”. 

Furthermore the required speed in a pacours has been reduced from 350 meters per minute to 325 meters per minute. The upper boundary has not been touched and stays at 400 meters per minute.

Also the maximum height for a nations cup grand prix is now settled at 1,55 meters.

There are new rules for eliminating riders while in parcour. The president of the ground jury is from now on allowed to eliminate riders at his own discretion, if he sees the wellbeing of the horse in danger pursuing the ride. This decision cannot be challenged. 


The only change of rules in dressage is the maternity leave rule. You can find more information about that here!


In eventing competitions for ponies on international 1* and 2* level the age restrictions are being changed. From now on 5 year old ponies are allowed to take part in 1* competitions and 6 year old ponies are allowed for 2* competitions. Also the choice of bit is more regulated now. 

The elimination of riders during the cross country, caused by “dangerous riding” is now not exclusively to be taken by the ground jury and the technical delegates but also by the course designer. He now has the right to tell the grand jury if he thinks a pair should be eliminated and the jury decides whether to do or not to do so.

If the showjumping takes place before the xc there are only horses allowed to take part in the cross country if they have less than 20 points in showjumping caused by poles down. If the points caused by poles are 20 and higher the rider is eliminated immediately.

Also there are new rules regarding bit guards. Those originally have the order to protect the horses mouth from any damage or little injuries but some of them harm the horse. Thorse are banned now. 

There are to new rules that made us smile a little, so here they are. 

First it is not allowed for humans or dogs to pee in the horses stables anymore at FEI events. Horses should still be allowed.

And second a more tragic rule for the very fashionable horses. Horses are no longer allowed to wear glasses or visors outside the FEI stables. 

source: St. Georg

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