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Accident: Girl’s finger almost severed in the stable

by Jil Wiedemann
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Two girls were in the stable early in the evening taking care of the horses. Until suddenly an accident happened and the finger of one of the girls was almost severed.

A frightening accident occurred in Blomberg (Germany). Emma (11) and her sister Merle (8) wanted to take care of the horses quickly in the evening. Emma was looking after “Cash”, her mother’s horse. She wanted to tie up the horse, but Cash was startled and broke away. Her middle and index finger got caught between the rope. The horse’s force severed almost the entire finger from the hand.

Now every minute counted to save the severed limb. She was taken by rescue helicopter to a hand surgeon. The nearby hospitals are not equipped for such difficult cases.

Difficult operation

In a six-hour operation, the hand was operated on in a hospital. First, the doctor and his colleague examined the avulsion. The bones have to be stabilised, the tendons secured. “The vessels in children are smaller than in adults,” says the specialist. Under the microscope, they have to be reattached with sutures that are barely visible to the naked eye.

Fortunately, the operation went well. The index finger will remain fully functional again and the mobility of the middle finger will only be slightly limited. During the whole time, the girl was very relaxed and now she hopes that she will soon be able to ride again. The hand surgeon has a positive prognosis and believes that Emma will be back in the saddle in a few weeks.

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