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How Does A Horse Auction Actually Work?

by Anja Huehmer
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A horse auction offers interested parties the opportunity to purchase a horse. In this article we will explain exactly how such an auction is held and what you should be considering when attending one. 

A typical horse purchase normally always takes place in the same way: You discover an interesting horse on the internet, in a newspaper, or maybe even on Facebook and contact the seller. This can be the breeder himself, a sales barn, or simply a private person. Then, an appointment is made to view and try the horse. However, an auction is completely different. Here, as a potential buyer, you can look at several horses in the same place.

This Should Be Taken Into Account Before Attending A Horse Auction

A horse auction not only has the advantage of a large selection of different horses, but also that all animals must be clinically and radiographically examined before the auction. A corresponding expert opinion is therefore available to all interested buyers.

Please note: So many horses at once can also be overwhelming. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the selection of the auction horses in advance. It is also advisable to take the time to look at your favorites under saddle or free jumping a week before the auction. There are specific auction riders for this. You can also take the opportunity to try out the selected horses yourself. Many auctions now offer this in advance. Usually videos are also already online a few weeks before the auction.

What Does The Process Of An Auction Look Like?

On auction day itself, the horses are presented one after the other under saddle, while the auction manager tries to raise the price as much as possible to auction off the horse. It is not possible to predict how the price will develop for each individual horse. Therefore, it is quite possible that your favorites will unfortunately become unaffordable.

What Is The Payment Process For An Auction Horse

In the occurrence that you were able to snag your favorite horse, you have to pay for it directly at the auction office in cash or with a bank certified cheque. In addition to the bidding price, the auction fees will then also be due. The exact procedure including an overview of the fees can be found in the auction catalog of the respective association. Once you have paid for the horse, you will usually receive the horse’s passport and the ownership certificate directly. Many auction houses then also offer to take over the transport of the horse to its new home. However, you have to pay for the transport costs. Again, you can find out the exact procedure for this from each association individually.

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