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10 Reasons why horses are better than men

by Marlen Fischer
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We’ve all at least once thought that a horse is better than a man. Here are our top ten facts why this is the truth. 

1. Your horse always listens and never argues

You can tell your horse everything, and it will never argue with you. It’s a relief to talk about certain things with someone who doesn’t judge you or object to what you have to say. So, the horse is your therapist in a way.

2. Your horse doesn’t mind you being at the barn for “too long”

Of course, your horse doesn’t mind being cared for and we enjoy every minute we spend there because being with the horses is simply the best thing in the world! And the horse won’t ever ask us how much longer we want to be at the barn.

3. No man can be as sweet as a horse

Every single day we fall for our horses again. They greet us with the sweetest look and the softest nose. Every rider loves this, and even though it may be the same with the right partner, it is much easier to love a horse.

4. You overcome any obstacle together

Not always when jumping but otherwise you’ve probably tackled some obstacles together from which a relationship would have broken apart.

5. Your horse ALWAYS wants cuddles

Many horses love a good scratch and the attention of their human, and sometimes they don’t really have a choice 😉

6. Your horse is not interested in how you look

You gained a few kilos, wear old clothes, or chose the ugliest pair of breeches you own? The horse won’t be interested in such things. For your horse, it is all about being cuddled and getting a carrot after work. 

7. Your horse won’t scold you if you’ve been shopping again.

Did you reach the limit of the credit card again? Well, your horse won’t mind as long as you have enough money for its feed.

8. Your horse doesn’t mind if you can’t spend the whole day at the barn as long as it can get out on the field

Sometimes life gets busy, but your horse will not complain. This way, it can just spend a bit more time out on the field. 

9. It’s okay that your horse has hair on its back

No more words needed…

10. Your horse doesn’t think of the wrong thing when you talk about whip and leather

…apart from: “uhh not sports again.”

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