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What is your horse’s spirit animal?

by Marlen Fischer
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Already back in school, we had different types of people in class. You will have for sure at least one or two people in mind when you think of the “cheerleader”, the “class clown”, the “macho” and the “nerd”, and it’s just the same with horses. All of them have their own personality, which can be quite close to some stereotypes we have of humans or animals. We have found ten animals that resemble horse characters. Find out which animal your horse is!

Before you start reading, you should know that all animals can resemble a mare, a gelding and a stallion. So, it’s not gender-specific.


This type of horse is as flighty as its namesake. “Oh God, a leaf! No, a rock! Look, a carrot!” If only he could speak. He is everywhere and nowhere, has a meager concentration span, and is sometimes very skittish. Anyone in possession of a bird should have quick reflexes: Getting to safety in a split second when the bird takes off is essential.


The ant is one of the hardest-working species. It finds it extremely difficult to stop for even a second, let alone remain still. An “ant-horse” does not mean it is always willing to work, though. “I’ve got 99 problems, but going fast ain’t one” could be the motto of the ant, as it is all good as long as your horsey can choose its own brisk pace and goooo. Owners of an ant have to have strong nerves!


Anyone dealing with a sloth should be patient and considerate. Your horse probably doesn’t react when you call, and it doesn’t see the step to its stable, too, so that it stumbles every other day. Like its namesake, it belongs to the less attentive, rather clumsy horses.


Mainly represented by the mares (exceptions confirm the rule), the hyena is not really the type of horse that another horse would want to share a paddock with. It bites, kicks and social interactions turn into fights real quick. The owner of the hyena has to live with being greeted with flattened ears and bared teeth. Grooming the belly? I don’t like it! Tacking up? Hate it!


This horse lives up to its name. As king of the court, he stands above things. He strides calmly across the paddock, makes his rounds in the arena, and is the unchallenged boss. He’s always peaceful because he doesn’t worry about a bird’s or an ant’s minor problems. Anyone who owns a lion can only smile at the concerns of other horse owners.


This type of horse is elegant and always looks flawless. Its natural enemies are mud and puddles – touching them is to be avoided in any situation! The good thing is, the rider does not have to worry about mud-encrusted fur, but it gets rather complicated when it comes to puddles in the arena.


This character is extremely popular with everyone (both horse and rider). He is handsome, friendly, and talented. Every horse loves him, and visitors stop in front of his box because he looks so adorable. At practice, he learns new things immediately, and just like the real dolphin, is he the sporty and friendly creature every horse and rider wants in his life.


The vulture constantly wants attention: pawing, kicking the box door, whinnying, grinding his teeth on the bars – the vulture’s inventiveness is boundless when he wants more carrots. Therefore, owners of a vulture have two options: Find something that he can play with to be occupied or get a big pack of earplugs.


Owners of this horse always get enough love and cuddles! The dog is loyal, affectionate, and cuddly. When you train, he tries his heart out for you, but some of them love their owner so much that one can’t even tack up or close the blanket anymore because the horse just wants cuddles.


You will instantly notice that you own a giraffe as soon as you get into the saddle. The head’s always held high, and the neck is stretched towards the sky.

But this type of horse also includes those horses that always get in their own way because of their physique. The legs or the neck are extremely long, and the horse cannot really coordinate its own body. Whoever owns a giraffe must become very inventive: From lunging with a cavesson to equikinetic, you’ve tried everything to get the horse relaxed.


This list could easily be extended. Some horses combine several characters. My horse belongs to the hyena category and, on some days, even to the bird category. How about yours?

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