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Horses for sale in Maine - find your dream horse

Maine has a relatively small population, yet its diversity of people, horses, and equestrian disciplines is unparalleled. Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds are popular horses for sale in Maine, as this state loves every kind of racing. When it comes to riding, Morgans, Arabians, Morabs, and Lusitanos are among some of the most searched-for breeds in Maine. Enthusiasts in this state love small equines, too, with Welsh Cobs, Icelandics, and Haflingers being among the horses for sale in Maine. Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, and Paints are some of the breeds most frequently bought in Maine by Western riding enthusiasts.

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Horses for sale in Maine - find the perfect owner for your horse

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Horses in Maine

The economic impact of the Maine horse industry

Maine’s horse population is smaller than that of many states, at just 37,900. Maine is also believed to be the most economically challenged of all the states in the USA. However, thanks to very active promotion from horse enthusiasts, the horse economy in this state is one of the most visible in the USA. Direct in-state sales of the equine economy are $200 million. The horse economy provides 5,700 jobs and creates $130 million in income. Harness racing alone creates nearly $30 million for the Maine economy annually, along with supporting over 1000 jobs. The direct and indirect impact of the horse economy is believed to total $400 million. Taxes on the equine economy contribute $27 million to the state and local governments. Altogether, Maine’s equine assets are valued at over $1 billion, with $100 million of that total held by the harness racing industry. Maine’s equine economy has greater significance than that of many other states.

The history of horses in Maine

Tucked away at the top northeast corner of the USA, Maine lies on the Canadian border, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. There have been many disputes and even wars about the territory of this state over the centuries. As a result, equestrian influences in Maine are diverse. In the eighteenth century, there were many feral horses in this state. One thing that many Maine people had in common was a love of horses and racing. Kennebec County was a noted source of good trotters and roadsters. Alvan Hayward was famous for his importation of the trotting horse, Imported Messenger, sire of the trotter, Winthrop Messenger. Harness horse racing and draft horse pulls were among the events at the first Skowhegan Fair in 1818. Another important aspect of Skowhegan Fair was its focus on horse breed improvement. In 1887, J Winthrop Thompson published “Sketches of Noted Maine Horses” in two volumes.

By 1925, a controversial equestrian sport was on show at Maine State Fair in Lewiston. This was the spectacle of Dr. William Carver’s Diving Horses. The horses, ridden by Carver’s daughter-in-law, Sonora Carver, dove into a tank from a platform 40 feet in the air. Sonora Carver was not the only intrepid equestrian to make history in Maine. In 1954, Annie Wilkins, a 63-year-old Maine farmer, set off with her horse, Tarzan, and dog, Depeche Toi, to ride across America to see the Pacific ocean. She’d been told by a doctor that she was terminally ill, and Annie had no money. Nonetheless, with the kindness of people she met along the way, Annie and her animal friends completed their 4.000-mile journey across America.

Horse associations in Maine

The Maine horse community is very active. The Maine Horse Association has individual and group members in every discipline, including dressage, hunter-jumper, and trail riding. Maine associations are prominent in promoting education and horse welfare. The National Museum of the Morgan Horse is based at the Pinelands Equestrian Centre in Maine, which is also the home of Cabot Morgans.

Disciplines in Maine

Draft horses have worked on farms and in logging in Maine for centuries. Maine farmers are actively supporting rare breed horses, such as the Suffolk Punch. Harness Racing remains popular in this state. As well as all the equestrian disciplines, Maine offers outstanding opportunities to get outdoors and ride. Acadia National Park alone has nearly 45 miles of horseback trails.

Most famous horses in Maine

Some of Maine’s famous horses have been trotters or pacers. Old Drew, a 15-hand bay stallion with black points, was the son of an English Thoroughbred. He was foaled at the farm of Hiram Drew in 1842. Flora Temple, a trotting mare, was said to be the inspiration for the bobtailed mare in the song “Camptown Races.”

Basic information about Maine

Maine is in the northeastern region of the USA. Its capital is Portland, and its population is 1.344 million.

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