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Appaloosa, Gelding, 19 years, 15.1 hh, Sorrel Leisure
~ $3,129
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Appaloosa, Stallion, 1 year, 16 hh Eventing - Hunting - Jumping - Leisure
Tyersal Equestrian
Tong West Yorkshire
~ $3,450
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Appaloosa Mix, Mare, 5 years, 15.3 hh, Chestnut Lot: 87 BIRDIE 2017 Chestnut Appaloosa Clydesdale Cross-bred MareTrail - Versatility Ranch Horse - Western - Leisure
Cody Horse Sale
Fergus Falls, MN
bid on auction
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Appaloosa, Gelding, 17 years, 15 hh, Chestnut-Red Leisure - Western
Pat Klasen
~ $1,460
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Appaloosa, Mare, 5 years, 14.1 hh, Leopard-Piebald
Jumping - Dressage
NL-7557 GN
~ $18,250 Negotiable
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Appaloosa, Gelding, 3 years, 15.1 hh, Palomino Western - Working Equitation - Western Pleasure - Show
Frankie M
~ $31,286
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Appaloosa, Gelding, 5 years, 14.2 hh, Leopard-Piebald
Leisure - Western - Dressage
Dieter Dederichs
~ $10,376
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Appaloosa Horses for sale on ehorses

The Appaloosa is a North American horse breed that has now found an enthusiastic following all over the world. Their eye-catching coloring is one of the reasons so many people want to buy an Appaloosa, but there is more to these stunning horses than just their looks. They have a fascinating history too. The modern Appaloosa is now recognized as a distinct breed, although other types and breeds of horses may have spotted coat colors as well. Knowing what is unique about the breed is important for those who are planning to sell an Appaloosa.

Use and characteristics of Appaloosas

Because of their interesting and varied history, and the fact that the studbook is still partially open (some Arabian, Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse blood is permissible, depending on the registry), Appaloosas can vary in body type as well as coloring. This offers plenty of choice to purchasers wishing to buy an Appaloosa. Generally speaking, Appaloosas are between 14 to 16 hh (56 to 64 inches, 142 to 163 cm) and weigh around 950 to 1,250 pounds. There is a big range of color patterns, which will usually be specified by vendors offering to sell an Appaloosa. These include snowflake, marble, leopard spotted, blanket spotted, white blanket, and few spot leopard. The most well-known is probably the leopard spot: a white horse with dark spots. Snowflake is the reverse, a dark coloured horse with light spots. The blanket variations, where the horse has a contrasting coat color, particularly over the hips, loins and croup, can be light colored with dark spots, or dark with light. Other notable characteristics of the true Appaloosa are mottled skin, striped hooves and a white sclera around the eye. They are, on the whole, excellent family riding horses.

Origin and history of breeding Appaloosas

Experts believe that horses with spotted coat coloring closely resembling that of the modern leopard spot Appaloosas existed 25,000 years ago. The most famous examples are the cave paintings known as the Dappled Horses of Pech-Merle, which clearly show spotted coat markings. The Lp gene that transmits the leopard coloring has been found in the DNA of extremely ancient horses. Much later, in the 17th and 18th centuries, portraits of Spanish and Spanish-influenced breeds such as the Lippizaner show animals with spotted coats. Spotted breeds such as the British Spotted Pony and Danish Knabstrupper have also existed for centuries. The Appaloosa, however, can stake its claim as a product of North America. Indeed, it was largely created in the 18th and 19th centuries by the indigenous Niimíípu, or Ni Mi Poo people, sometimes incorrectly called the Nez Percé. They were skilled horse breeders and traders, knowing how to select horses to create and improve on the qualities they desired. The horses were named after the river that ran through their territory, the Palouse. However, they were driven from their land and onto a 1400 mile march to Canada. Eventually forced to submit, their horses were taken from them. In 1937, people began to reclaim the Appaloosa and its important history, and in 1938 the Appaloosa Horse Club was founded. Today, the Niimíípu are once again involved in breeding horses, using Akhal-Tekes as well as Appaloosas.

Appaloosa horses in equestrianism

Appaloosas are popular horses for both Western and English events. Western competitions cover roping, reining and cutting as well as riding. Appaloosas are also a popular choice for barrel racing as well as more mainstream events such as eventing, endurance and show jumping. Specialist gaited offshoots such as the Tiger and Shuffle horses now have their own registries.