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Typical things non-equestrians say

by Marlen Fischer
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If someone asks you what you’re passionate about, you hesitate and say horses. You hesitate because you know exactly how they will respond. Over and over again, you get the same reactions. From adventurous stories of their own once-in-a-lifetime riding experience to “the horse does all the work”. We’ve heard everything at least a billion times. If you’re reading this as a non horsey person, please, get creative and ask something new.

15 most common reactions of non-equestrians when you tell them you own a horse.

  1. “Horse riding is not a sport! The horse does all the work.”
  2. “You have a horse? Then you must be pretty rich!”
  3. “Your horse is your priority? You probably never have time for anything else.”
  4. “Ah, cool, I went horse riding, too! It was the horse of my great-uncle’s neighbor’s sister that died 10 years ago.”
  5. “Oh really? I didn’t expect you to be an equestrian. You don’t seem that arrogant.”
  6. “Oh, you can drive a car with a trailer?”
  7. “So, you’re riding western style, isn’t that what the cowboys used to do?”
  8. “That means you can never go on vacation again!”
  9. “Do you compete?”
  10. “Do you jump? You don’t? Too bad, that would at least be interesting.”
  11. “You go to the barn every single day??
  12. “Do you also ride in winter?” .…No, of course not. I mean horses hibernate, didn’t you know, Karen?
  13. “Do horses really eat sugar?”
  14. “Do you really go to the grocery store wearing breeches?”… Yeah, why not?
  15. “Is your car always packed with equipment for the horse?”
  16. “But then you must always smell bad!”…Yeah, sure, because equestrians are not able to shower… common knowledge, that is.

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