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Stallion Jazz in portrait

by Michelle Holtmeyer
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Every horse lover, rider or breeder, knows the name Jazz. The keur-preferent stallion, who died at the beginning of 2020, topped the world’s breeding ranking of dressage sires for a long time and even at this moment is ranked third on the WBFSH. Jazz may no longer be alive, but thanks to his immense breeding power he lives on in his descendants, who have unmistakably inherited his appearance, movements and spirit. Jazz is still available for breeders!

Highly influential in dressage breeding

The famous stallion was not immediately loved in his younger years. Jazz caused a lot of fuss during the first viewing of the KWPN stallion inspection. In particular, the construction of Jazz’s hind leg lead to discussion. Yet he was ‘accepted’; he really stood out positively and in movement he was absolutely not bothered by his angled hind leg. The committee never regretted their decision, because Jazz became a world sport horse and sire. His influence on the modern dressage horse population is unprecedented.

Stallion Jazz Head

Jazz became a world sport horse and sire. (Arnd Fotografie)

CV of Jazz

BreederHuub en Tiny van Helvoirt, Rosmalen

Stallion Jazz – Pedigree

Jazz ♂Cocktail PuriosoFuriose II
UlissaLe val blanc xx
Charmante Ulster Nimmerdor
Luckey ster pref
Warmante Amor keur pref ♂

Outstanding from day one

When a long legged chestnut colt was born in the stables of Huub van Helvoirt in 1991, his breeder had a lot of confidence in him from day one: “From the first moment he could stand, he had that proud attitude and intelligent appearance that have always been so characteristic of him and his descendants,” van Helvoirt said. “Jazz has always been a very beautiful horse. Fortunately, he was brought to the right people, who trained him professionally. As a breeding horse, he quickly had the reputation of passing on a difficult character, but if you treated his offspring well, there was nothing to worry about.”

Stallion Jazz Kirsten Arnd Fotografie

“Jazz has always been a very beautiful horse.”

Clear mark on his offspring

Jazz has certainly left his mark on dressage breeding. Just look at his sons and daughters: you can always pick him out, even in the second and third generation. He has been criticized zo much as a young stallion and that hurt quite a bit, but I have used him on my mares quite a lot, and he has brought me so much good. Jazz made me Breeder of the Year. He has been Horse of the Year twice and never before has a stallion from the KWPN studbook been at the top of the world ranking!”

Approved sons and top mares

In addition to a respectable international dressage career with Tineke Bartels and Kirsten Beckers, Jazz has left more than 3000 (!) offspring. Jazz has been influential in breeding for almost three decades: a large number of sons both in The Netherlands and abroad were approved by all the important studbooks. Although different in color, very uniform in movement and presentation; with a lot of front and moving spirit. This also applies to approved stallions with Jazz blood in the second or even third generation.

Breeding mares and Grand Prix horses

Daughters of Jazz grossed in predicates: elite, preferent and ‘prestatie’ (performance) and Jazz produced a large amount of PAVO Cup (young horse competition) winners. Directly from Jazz there are also more than a hundred horses that excelled in international Grand Prix. From the offspring of the sons and daughters of Jazz, a multiple of that.

Still available for breeding

Jazz unmistakably lives on in his (great-grand) children and is appreciated by the large and small dressage horse breeders all over the world. The good news for those enthusiastic breeders: Jazz is not among us anymore, but chilled semen is still available.

The most successful jazz offspring

The list of excellent Jazz-offspring is endless, but a few outstanding international Grand Prix-horses and breeding mares sired by Jazz:

1. Parzival and Adelinde Cornelissen
2. Blue Horse Don Olymbrio and Daniel Bachmann Andersen/Nanna Skodborg Merrald
3. GLOCK’s Johnson TN and Hans Peter Minderhoud
4. Wynton and Madeleine Witte
5. Electra and Lynne Maas
6. Toots and Imke Schellekens-Bartels/Akane Kuroki
7. Vira (eventing) and Elaine Pen
8. Zarah Obertje – Champion National Mareshow three-year-old dressage mares
9. En Vogue and Carl Hester

Stallion Jazz-Parzival Adelinde - Arnd Fotografie

Parzival and Adelinde Cornelissen (Arndt Fotographie)

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