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World Pentathlon Federation absolves Annika Schleu, reprimands German coach

by Emma Quinn
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The disciplinary committee of the World Penthalon Federation has taken a closer look at the case of Annika Schleu, who faced a lot of criticism after an incident in Tokyo. The equestrian athlete has been cleared of any charges, while her trainer has been reprimanded.

The federation has reprimanded the German national coach Kim Raisner for breaking UIPM rules. The trainer was seen beating Annika Schleu’s horse, and also asked the athlete to do the same. In doing this, the trainer broke multiple rules – and is at risk of losing her training license. After the incidence she was barred from the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Raisner is also to attend a coaching seminar as soon as possible, one “that includes a module on the humane treatment of animals”. In any case, she has to take on further training before being approved to participate in a UIPM competition again.

In the reasons for only reprimanding the trainer, it is stated that the committee recognises the personal contribution Kim Raisner has made to Modern Pentathlon over many years. Her own sporting as well as her professional career were “characterised by exemplary behaviour“. Therefore, the events of 6 August were classified as “an exception“.

“Nevertheless, Ms Raisner did indeed breach the UIPM Competition Rules, in particular rule 4.6.8, and her behaviour, namely beating the horse Saint Boy and encouraging her athlete to do the same, regardless of the reason, was shocking to the federation and indeed to the world. Ms Raisner’s outrageous behaviour cannot go unpunished.” says a spokesperson of the disciplinary committee.

Annika Schleu is not at fault

Meanwhile the athlete Annika Schleu has been cleared of any charges against her. She will not face reprimands or other consequences of any kind.

A press release states:

“The panel assessed the actions of Annika Schleu when she entered the riding arena on the horse Saint Boy. Based on the evidence available, it was determined that the use of the whip or spurs was not excessive and although the situation was undoubtedly stressful for both rider and horse, the panel concluded that there were no animal welfare issues to address and that no action will be taken.”

Source: Welt

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