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Woman rides to work to save money

by Jil Wiedemann
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Due to the increase in fuel prices in Germany, a woman has decided to ride to work. By riding to work she saves 250€.

A woman from Germany has to travel 6.4 kilometres to work. Like many others, she depends on the car to get to work. But with the high fuel prices, she needed an alternative. Her idea: instead of driving, she rides to work. It usually takes her 15 minutes to get to work. This increases to 40 minutes, but in return she saves around 250€ a month.

Employees join in

Because the woman has her own riding stable and an open stable at home where there are horses, there is no better alternative for her. In between, she rides to the mailbox, market or snack bar. After all, the horses have to be moved anyway. She takes one of her 10 horses home every day. Then the horse spends the night at home in the open stable. The next morning it goes back to work at the riding stable. She changes the horses every day.

Her co-workers have already acquired a taste for it, too. Now others also ride to work. People usually look a bit confused, but it’s worth it. Together they have saved €450 for one month.

Source: Focus

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