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The Queens horses: what will happen to them?

by Maria Filimonenko
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It is well known that the Queen has loved horses her entire life and that this love began infusing her from a very young age. Since horses have traditionally been a significant element of royal life, young Elizabeth II grew up surrounded by them and had relatives who were horse owners. At last count, the monarch owned over 100 horses.

At the tender age of three, she did take her first riding class at the exclusive equestrian school in the Buckingham Palace Mews.

The following year, her father, King George VI, gave the four-year-old Elizabeth a Shetland pony named Peggy.

By the time Elizabeth was 12 years old, she was taking twice-weekly lessons from Horace Smith with her sister, Princess Margaret (read “London bridge is down” article in ehorses magazine for further details about the Queen Elizabeth II).

Elizabeth once mentioned to Mr. Smith that if it weren’t for her current circumstances, she would like to be a woman living in the country having dozens of horses and dogs. Royal stables that had previously been used to raise horses for transportation were converted into prestigious thoroughbred horse breeding facilities.

What number of horses does the Queen own?

The precise number of horses possessed by the Queen is difficult to determine because new horses are constantly being brought into and out of the royal estate, but it is believed that she has more than 100 horses, from which she is thought to have earned approximately £7 million in prize money over the years.

What will become of the Queen’s horses now?

The Queen inherited her father’s – King George VI breeding and racing stock when she succeeded to the throne in 1952.

Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Tindall, who are both well-known horse enthusiasts and Olympic riders, according to royal author Claudia Joseph, will decide what will happen to the Queen’s troop of horses.

Source: Independent

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