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Thunderstorm: Horse jumps against a car

by Jil Wiedemann
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During a thunderstorm, a horse jumped over a fence. It fled from the storm, unfortunately directly into a van. Due to its injuries, the animal had to be rescued on the spot.

In Breitenbach (Switzerland) there were heavy thunderstorms with intense rain, lightning and thunder. A severe weather warning had been issued by the weather service and there was a lot of flooding. Millions of dollars worth of damage were caused. This not only frightened many people, but also a horse.

The horse spooked because of the thunder. Frightened, it jumped over the paddock fence and directly onto the adjacent road. Here it ran into an approaching van that was unable to brake in time. The frightened animal was seriously injured by the collision. The driver of the van was not injured.

The accident happened around 16:00 and a veterinarian was called immediately. Due to the injuries, the animal could no longer be helped and had to be put down. The other horses in the paddock were taken away and brought to a stable.

Source: 20minuten

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