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Pasture accident: Horseshoe drills into horse’s hoof

by Jil Wiedemann
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A violent pasture accident occurred in England. An eventing horse lost a horseshoe in the pasture. For inexplicable reasons, the lost shoe was stuck in the mare’s hind hoof and had to be removed by a vet.

The eventing horse Woo Hoo, also called Molly, lost her front horseshoe in the pasture. Normally, the loss of a horseshoe is almost an everyday occurrence at the beginning of the grazing season. But in Molly’s case, the lost iron drilled into her hind hoof.

An employee of the farm discovered the horseshoe in the hind hoof. She immediately contacted the owner Pippa Dixon and told her about the incident. Pippa came as soon as possible with farrier tools to be able to remove the shoe directly.

Worse than expected

When she arrived at the pasture, she saw Molly’s shoe piercing the sole of the hoof on one side and the rim of the crown on the other. They tried to remove the shoe themselves, but it was impossible. Pippa was scared for her horse and she suspected the worst.

She thought that the iron might have damaged important structures of the hoof and that Molly would no longer be rideable. Then they called the vet, who sedated Molly first. Fortunately, the vet had an angle grinder with him, which was used to cut through the iron.

Blessing in disguise

Once the iron was out, the horse was taken to the clinic for further examinations. One of the reasons was to assess the extent of the injuries. The good news was that Molly was lucky. The horseshoe did not damage any important areas of the leg and hoof, although it was stuck a few centimetres deep in the hoof.

Now the mare is back home and has been given 6 weeks rest. Further shows are cancelled for the time being, but the owner is just happy that Molly is doing well. She is such a talented mare that this break will certainly only be a small part of her story.

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Source: horse&hound

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