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After 8 years in wilderness, stallion returned home

by Maria Filimonenko
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A stallion that escaped during a camping trip in March 2014 to join a passing herd of wild horses returned to his owner after eight years of living in freedom.

Shane Adams from Fielding, USA, was camping in the western desert of Utah when a herd of mustangs ran past his camp at a wild gallop. The sound of the thundering hooves had immediately alerted the then 33-year-old, because in front of his tent, his four-legged companion was tied up waiting to finally continue the camping trip. Dressed in his underpants, Adams rushed out of his bed to check on his stallion – and could only watch him leave in horror. “Mongo” broke free to follow his untamed mates into the snow-covered expanse.

Desperate Search

For three years, Shane Adams spent nearly every weekend searching the West Desert area for his beloved horse. But Mongo remained missing. At some point, he gave up hope and the search.

When Adams received a call in late September that he “never in a million years expected,” he revealed to television station KUTV, fate took an unexpected turn. The Bureau of Land Management, the United States’ land management organisation to which he had reported Mongo missing eight years previously, called back with unexpected news. Near Tooele County, authorities had gathered up a herd of mustangs when they spotted a brand on one of the animals that matched Adams’ description exactly when he had reported Mongo missing nearly a decade ago. As it turned out, authorities had in fact discovered Mongo among about 71,000 mustangs that were free to wander throughout the western United States.

Reunion Video

Like nothing had happened

“I was thrilled. I found it hard to believe. It’s like waking up from a dream,” said Adams to The Washington Post. The 18-year-old Mongo is back in his old home. Amazingly, the stallion looks exactly the same, aside from the point that he is severely underweight. Adams remarked that it was nonsensical that despite having spent eight years in the wild, the stallion was still acting like he used to. He is still as kind and polite as ever. He appears to have never left his stable!

Adams is aware of how fortunate he and Mongo have been. The horses “look like the walking dead” because they are so thin, he claimed, adding that there isn’t much to eat due to the drought. The farmer does not blame his horse for galloping away. “Given that horses are herd creatures and follow their instincts, I can understand why Mongo fled. But I’m happy that we can now look after him and make sure he eats enough.

Source: Pferde Revue


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