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News in the Schleu Case: Public Prosecutor’s Office investigates for animal cruelty

by Marie Arensmann
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The scenes that took place at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo during the Modern Pentathlon will probably remain unforgettable. Now the public prosecutor’s office is investigating Annika Schleu and the national coach Kim Raisner.

Investigations against Schleu

After the Animal Welfare Association reported the Modern Pentathlete Annika Schleu and her trainer for animal cruelty, the public prosecutor’s office now starts the investigations. This was confirmed by Sebastian Thiele, spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office. Due to Schleu’s place of residence, the Potsdam authority is responsible for the proceedings.

The cause for the announcement of the animal protection federation were the events, which took place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. For the competition, the modern pentathlete was assigned the horse “Saint Boy”, which refused to compete in the course. While Schleu was desperately trying to get the horse to move forward, national coach Raisner asked the rider to hit the horse with the crop. As a result, Annika Schleu has been accused of animal cruelty and Raisner of aiding and abetting animal cruelty, by the Animal Welfare Association.

Schleu denies accusations

Modern pentathlete Annika Schleu defended herself against the accusations during an interview with the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”. She said she was not feeling any guilt, because according to herself she had not treated the horse particularly harshly. The 31-year-old justified her statement by saying that both her crop and her spurs had been checked in advance.

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