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You can hire an Icelanding horse to write your out-of-office emails

by Maria Filimonenko
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Three Icelandic horses have been taught to type on a massive keyboard.

In a recent campaign, Iceland substituted a horse-written response for out-of-office emails.

A bizarre proposal from a tourism organisation allows users to request a personalised greeting written by Icelandic horses whenever they take a vacation from work. It was inspired by Iceland and Horses of Iceland.

Choosing the most suitable Icelandic horse employee

One of the three horses assigned to the service, called OutHorse, handles email duties. Litla Stjarna frá Hvtarholti is described as a “fast typer yet might take a nap.” Another horse, Hrmnir frá Hvammi is “assertive, efficient,” and in addition to that has shiny hair. For people who work in a business setting, Hekla frá Þorkellshóli is an excellent option because the horse is sociable and “trained in corporate buzzwords.”

Watch a video to see how Icelandic Horses write your emails HERE!

Inspired by Iceland created a massive imitation keyboard with specially made tiles that the horses could walk on to teach them how to type. “Icelandic horses are a really unique breed. It’s one of the world’s most pure-bred breeds,” according to Jelena Ohm of Icelandic Horses.

The campaign was launched in response to Inspired by Iceland’s survey, which revealed that at least 55% of employees check their emails while travelling. The organisation claimed their goal is to raise awareness of how crucial it is to completely unplug from work when on vacation.

Fame on Social Media

OutHorse has received praise for being “genius” on social media, with one Twitter user noting that it served as a reminder of how amazing Icelandic horses are.

“Does OutHorseYourAcademicPaper also exist? Please,” said someone jokingly. “Now that’s a clever concept! They’ve gotten really good at typing, so we’ll take that into account,” Inspired by Iceland replied.

“I’ll be OutHorsing all emails to the Icelandic horse Hekla frá Þorkellshóli, who has had corporate communications training and is familiar with all the buzzwords,” another person commented.

Source: Independent


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