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Fire brigade rescues horse from pasture gate

by Jil Wiedemann
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In Germany, the fire brigade had to come because a horse was stuck in a pasture gate. The horse tried to jump over the gate and got its hind legs caught between the metal bars.

The fire brigade had to rescue the horse. A snatched horse had tried to jump over a metal gate. It then fell and got its two hind legs caught between the gate struts. The animal was immediately calmed down by the riders of the farm while they waited for the fire brigade and the veterinarian.

The fire brigade arrived quickly. Their first step was to secure the horse’s hind legs and provide the riders with helmets to protect them from kicks. Fixing the hind legs was to prevent further injury to both humans and horses. In addition, the horse was sedated and checked by a veterinarian.

Horse was not further injured

With the help of a hydraulic rescue shear, the metal struts were then cut. Eight cuts were made to free the horse. After more than an hour, the rescue was over. Because everyone acted correctly and remained calm, the horse was not further injured. The horse did not suffer any further serious injuries from the accident.

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