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Fatal accident: 2-year-old dies after falling off pony

by Marie Arensmann
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A 2-year-old toddler was killed when she fell off her pony at the Bedale Hunt in Kirkby Fleetham, Hambleton, North Yorkshire. It is believed that the pony was spooked during the hunt.

This dramatic news was recently reported by the British daily “Mirror”. The girl was out riding with members of the Bedale Hunt in a village near Northallerton. According to a resident of Hambleton village, the child’s family saw the fall during the hunting event on September 15. Shortly after, the paramedics arrived at the scene and the toddler was rushed to the hospital. She eventually died from her injuries in hospital.

Toddler’s death confirmed

This incident was confirmed by a spokesman for the organization. In a statement, he shared the community’s shock at what happened and assured support for the 2-year-old’s family. According to officials, the members of “The Beatle Hunt” are also completely devastated, but they are sticking together for the girl’s family.

Pony was spooked 

It is speculated that the pony got spooked and therefore threw the child off by accident. According to another resident, the accident happened at the same time as the hunting horn sounded. He also added, “I understand there were three horses with a toddler and a very young toddler. The young one must have slipped off.”

Source: Mirror

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