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Appaloosa Stallion 1 year Chestnut-Red
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Hengst Appaloosa

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The Appaloosa is conspicuous by its coat pattern. It has spots, which are unmistakable and unique to the breed. Already 20,000 year old cave paintings show horses with such coloring. Many of the horses the conquistadores brought to the United States were spotted. In the 18th century, the hors ... More about the horse breed Appaloosa
1 year
Western allround
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Born: 3/5/2022

Breed: Appaloosa - US registry

Sire: FF Rock Me Baby

Dam: TT Coolest Star

Gender: Stallion

5 panel test N/N ( PSSM1, HYPP, Herda, MH, GBED )

Cool is a modern Appaloosa type with a fine head and a very strong body structure. It will be versatile, suitable for both sports and recreation. It only depends on you what you plan to do.

So if you are looking for a partner with a great character, a perfect figure and a willingness to do everything you can think of (Halter, Western Pleasure, Trail, Working equitation .....) - Cool is the right choice.
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Nacido: 3/5/2022

Raza: Appaloosa - registro estadounidense

Padre: FF Rock Me Baby

Presa: TT Coolest Star

Género: Semental

Prueba de panel 5 N/N (PSSM1, HYPP, Herda, MH, GBED)

Cool es un tipo moderno de Appaloosa con una cabeza fina y una estructura corporal muy fuerte. Será versátil, adecuado tanto para deportes como para recreación. Solo depende de ti lo que planeas hacer.

Así que si estás buscando una pareja con un gran carácter, una figura perfecta y una voluntad de hacer todo lo que se te ocurra (Halter, Western Pleasure, Trail, Working equitation .....) - Cool es la elección correcta.



56201 Usti nad Orlici
Czech Republic


Private vendor
56201 Usti nad Orlici
Czech Republic

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Private vendor
56201 Usti nad Orlici
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