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Ukraine war: No evacuation of horses to other countries

by Jil Wiedemann
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The war in Ukraine is still not over. However, it has now been decided that no more horses will be taken out of Ukraine. Instead, the horses in Ukraine are to be moved to safe areas.

The Ukranian Equestrian Charity Foundation (UEF-CF) has decided not to evacuate any more horses from Ukraine to other countries. This is because the organisation found that only a few horse owners still want their horses to be taken out of Ukraine. Now the horses are to be housed within the country.

Unlike at the beginning of the war, only a few horse owners have come forward whose horses are now to be rescued. Since the war has shifted to the south and east of Ukraine in recent weeks, many people want to return home. Even if everything is destroyed there, they want to stay at home with their horses. In some cases, the horses are the only thing they have left. So it is very understandable that they want to go home with their horses.

The horses still need help

But the UEF-CF does not want to stop helping. More horses are to be rescued from the endangered regions. They are to be provided with safe accommodation in Ukraine. So far, more than 160 stables and 3500 horses have been helped in Ukraine. In order for this to continue, they depend on donations from all over the world. This makes it possible to buy food and bedding for the horses.

The donations mean that the horses do not have to starve. Because of the war, many horse owners are no longer able to provide for their horses. The aim is to help as many stables as possible, because the demand for help is still far from being satisfied. However, they are still dependent on donations. Therefore, the UEF-CF would like to point out once again that donations in cash and in kind are very welcome and urgently needed.

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