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Horse mutilation as a challenge on social media

by Maria Filimonenko
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This year, France has discovered at least 15 mutilated animals. 

French police have speculated that an “online challenge” may be to blame for the “barbaric” murder and mutilation of at least 15 horses around the country in recent months.

The most recent instance involved a mare that had already passed away naturally in Roanne, close to Lyon. The owner discovered the ear, eye, and nose had been amputated after the body had been left in a meadow until professional removal was arranged.

According to AFP, the local police claimed that they are connecting the case to “approximately 15 other inexplicable acts of violence and mutilations of live horses around France in previous weeks.” 

Another incident occurred last week, this time in the Jura region, where a horse was stunned before having an eye poked out and a piece of bone removed. Later, the animal perished.

Barbaric internet challenge or satanic ritual?

Breeders and equestrian facilities have been informed, according to a social media “urge for vigilance” posted by the neighbourhood police. “We ask you to report any individual or behaviour regarded as suspicious near meadows with horses, stud, farm, or equestrian centres,” the Gendarmerie du Jura wrote on Facebook.

Donkeys have also been the victims of similar crimes, and earlier this month in Cortambert, Burgundy, a horse had its right ear cut off, one of its eyes gouged out, and its reproductive organs removed. When this happened, a local authority remarked, “This is truly barbaric.”

According to a representative from the Paris police, Belgium and Germany have seen similar homicides and mutilations in the past. However, such a large quantity in such a short time is unheard of in France since the year’s commencement.

In accordance with the police spokesman, “We do not comprehend the motive. Is it an internet challenge, a ghoulish trophy hunt, an insurance fraud, or a satanic ritual? We have no idea. It’s incredibly horrific.”

Source: Independent

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