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7 Reasons Why You Should Ride

by Anja Huehmer
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If you have been riding and dealing with horses for some time, maybe even for years or decades, you know of course that riding is a unique hobby. Nobody has to tell you that horses are fantastic creatures that bring an incredible amount of joy. But maybe your non-horsey friends will let this list change their minds! Or at least it makes them understand why you spend so much of your free time at the barn.

Riding Keeps You Fit

Maybe you have already experienced how a non-rider sits on a horse for the first time. Most people are warned about the sore muscles they will have the next day. You hear phrases like: “I only have to sit there anyway” or “I’m athletic!” But this does not change the fact that most people can hardly take a painless step the next day. Riding requires muscle groups that we otherwise used less often. Riding is fun and keeps you fit at the same time!

Stress Reduction

There is hardly anything like walking intp the barn after a bad day and noticing how all the problems seem to disappear. By being around horses, you can switch off and reduce stress in a wonderful way. This was even confirmed by a study from Washington State University.


The friends you find at the barn share your passion for horses. You spend a large part of your free time together with the horses and can share your favorite activity. Whether it’s riding together, or doing barn chores together. Strong and long-lasting friendships can develop from barn acquaintances.

Horses Are Good Therapists

People with disabilities also benefit from working with horses. In the case of physical disabilities, riding can give a new feeling of movement. Therapeutic riding and the handling of horses is also suitable for people with mental disabilities. To experience new things with horses strengthens people and is simply fun.

Fresh Air And Spending Time Outdoors

In the time of office jobs, computers, and smartphones, most people spend a lot of time indoors. A horse gives you a solid reason to spend time outdoors. Together with physical exercise, this has a very positive effect on your life.

Learning Responsibility

Especially for children, horses are great teachers to teach respect and responsibility. They need to be cared for and looked after regularly. The barn must be cleaned up after riding as well as the stall. Children can learn in a playful way what it means to care for another living creature.

Posture And Body Awareness

Riding improves your posture and body awareness. We all often heard things like: “sit up” or “shoulders back”. This benefits us not only in the saddle. A good body feeling has a positive effect on our general well-being. Strengthened core and back muscles can prevent postural problems and back pain.


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